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Sep 09, 2016

Please, No: Failed Automotive Trends

Jim Motavalli

Automatic seatbelts and semi-automatic transmissions, plus the supposed demise of the convertible and the incredible disappearing CD player.


Elvis BMW roadster
Aug 08, 2016

Elvis' BMW: Lost and Now Spectacularly Found Again

Jim Motavalli

While he was famously in the Army, stationed in Germany, Elvis commuted to work in a BMW 507 roadster--a car that was lost for decades. Now it's back on the road, and headed for Pebble Beach.

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Jul 27, 2016

Five Firsts: From the Pioneer SUV to the Baby Seat

Jim Motavalli

To settle that argument with your brother-in-law, here are origin stories on the drive-in movie, the tow truck, the kiddie seat, the wraparound windshield and even the very first SUV.


May 27, 2016

The Lane Motor Museum: Weird, Wonderful

Jim Motavalli

Instead of the usual Chevys and Mustangs, the Lane specializes in unusual cars with stories to tell--like the McQuay-Norris Streamliner, the Peel Trident, the VW Rocket Car and the Hoffman, an off-center car from Bizarro World.

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Mar 22, 2016

Vintage Racing Is Not for the Faint of Heart (or Wallet)

Jim Motavalli

Old race cars are holes into which you pour money, and forget the prize money, but nothing else outside the bedroom offers comparable thrills and chills.

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Mar 14, 2016

Dreams Die Hard: Crazy Concept Cars at Amelia Island

Jim Motavalli

Remember the Fascination, the Exemplar I, the Mohs SafariKar? No? That's because these mad-genius ventures flopped. But the stories are fascinating. 

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Mar 02, 2016

Meet the World's First Hybrid Car--Built in 1896

Jim Motavalli

An American genius named Harry Dey introduced the Armstrong Phaeton hybrid car to an indifferent world before the turn of the century. It had a self-starter, a semi-automatic transmission, and could run on gas, electric power, or both. The one example has just been restored and is headed for auction.

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History of Suburu in the USA
Feb 08, 2016

Every Subaru Sold In New England Comes From This Guy

Craig Fitzgerald

Ernie Boch, Jr. is the CEO of Subaru of New England. He was on CNN talking about his support for Donald Trump and compared his choice for president: "it’s 2 a.m. and there’s a few girls at the bar, you have to go home with one of them,” Boch said. “So, you have to pick who you are with.”

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Jan 28, 2016

Celebrating Our Auto Heritage..in a Model T

Jim Motavalli

The Historical Vehicle Association wants to open a museum in Washington, D.C., to keep alive our "overlooked and neglected" history. We have the Smithsonian for planes, right?


Jan 20, 2016

Winter Arrives: A History of Snow Plows, Winter Tires, and More

Jim Motavalli

January is blowing a wintry blast across America, and it's time to think about snow removal--and driving on safe tires.

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