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An electric car from BMW at the Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 10, 2017

Self-Driving Cars? They're Here Now. And Lots More Besides.

Jim Motavalli

Bombshells and milestone on the road to autonomy at the Web Summit in Portugal. Oh, and Al Gore, too.

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Car wheel with alternative technology to absorb shocks
Oct 30, 2017

Tomorrow's Tech: Quiet Cars with Ultra-Smooth Rides

Jim Motavalli

Here's something that will change how we drive. With QuietMotion engaged, the car's wheels move up and down but the cabin stays flat and stable. Meanwhile, Buicks are getting as quiet as Rolls-Royces.

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Skateboard crash test dummy
Oct 09, 2017

Forget Dikes and Windmills--the Modern Dutch are Focused on Green Machines

Jim Motavalli

The Netherlands today is a start-up nation of electric and automated vehicle enthusiasts.

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smart phone car keys
Sep 06, 2016

Virtual Car Keys Are Coming...to Your Smartphone

Jim Motavalli

That key fob you've been jingling in your pocket since the dawn of time? Wave it goodbye. It's migrating to an app, and we're going to be emailing keys to friends. Should we be worried?

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2016 BMW 340i
Aug 23, 2016

Rev Matching the BMW: Where's the Off Switch?

Jim Motavalli

BMWs, Porsches, GM and Nissan cars offer "improved" manual transmissions that make heel and toeing a thing of the past.

manual transmissions high-tech BMW 340i 2016

Jan 08, 2016

Future of Driving? The Folks at CES Think They Know.

Jim Motavalli

Portable breathalyzers, back-up cameras and autonomous features from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show. 

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Is in-car tech durable
Oct 13, 2015

Will In-Car Tech Last as Long as the Car?

Dear Car Talk

Jose is new car shopping. He likes to keep his cars for at least ten years, but he's worried that all the new safety tech won't last as long as the actual car. What's Car Talk's take? Find out here.

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Jun 25, 2015

Lexus' Hoverboard and Ford's Around-the-Corner Camera

Jim Motavalli

Automakers love to make cool tech. Some is just for show, but some actually goes into production.


Jun 24, 2015

Better Ideas: Ford's Future Mobility Visions

Jim Motavalli

Self-driving cars sooner than you think, 3-D printed parts, natural and lightweight materials, car sharing, and e-bikes. And here's the surprise: This is from Ford.

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May 08, 2015

Will Auto Manufacturers Help Save Cyclists?

Jim Motavalli

Over 700 cyclists died after being hit by cars, according to statistics from the most recent year available. Can we stop the carnage? Some auto companies think they can help. Here's how. 

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