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 Can My New Lexus Actually Save Me Money?
Sep 06, 2019

Can My New Lexus Actually Save Me Money?

Dear Car Talk

Moving from premium to regular pads this reader's coffee fund.

gasoline fuel economy high performance Lexus ES 350

May 23, 2016

In the Driver's Seat of Hertz' New Mustang GT-H

Jim Motavalli

Fifty years ago, Hertz rented out Carroll Shelby's hot GT350 Ford fastback. Now, for nostalgia or fun, you can grab an even faster version. I did.

renting high performance Ford Mustang

Sep 02, 2015

Honda's Sports Car Past--and Its Future

Jim Motavalli

Remember the performance-oriented Honda S600, the S2000? No? Then you may not see how the new S660 comes from a proud tradition. But it's the NSX that gets all the glory.

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Oct 23, 2014

In a Horsepower Race, Cobra-Maker Shelby Offers Power Plus Fuel Economy

Jim Motavalli

Make no mistake, Shelby still boasts about its 1,100-horsepower Mustangs. But it also points out they can get the groceries at 25 mpg on pump gas. Here's what we'd point out: Who needs a 1100-hp grocery-getter?

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Pagani Huayra test drive
Oct 09, 2014

Gears This Week: The Pagani Hey-What?

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

What's it like to pilot the 720 horsepower Pagani Huayra as fast as you please around a closed track? Intrepid Car Talk blogger Jamie Lincoln Kitman finds out. Take a Dramamine and enjoy the ride, right here. 

high performance Pagani Huayra

Sep 03, 2014

Supercar Taxis: The Only Way to Travel!

Jim Motavalli

You can flag down a Tesla Model S in Oslo, a Lamborghini Gallardo in Bangkok, a Maybach in Moscow and Ferraris in Muscat and Warsaw. A world tour of the fanciest taxis, right here. 

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McLaren 650S
Apr 18, 2014

McLaren Reboot

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

McLaren aims to rebound from the disastrous sales it posted of 2011's MP4-12C with that car's newer, prettier, more talented sibling, the 650S. Jamie Kitman reports from the 2014 NAIAS.

high performance reviews McLaren 650S 2014

Jaguar F-type Coupe R
Mar 28, 2014

Jaguar's One-Percent Solution

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jamie Kitman's rich for a day... and lovin' it, driving Jaguar's new F-Type. Added bonus? Watch as he takes, "The journalist's line."

J aguar F-type Coupe R
Jaguar F-type Coupe R

reviews high performance coupes Jaguar F-type 2014

Audi R8 V8 coupe
May 30, 2013

Car Talk Goes Mid-Engine

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Sure, most of us will never own a rare, 430-horsepower V8 sportscar - but they sure are fun to test-drive!

high performance luxury vehicles

Sep 21, 2011

Concours D'Elegance: High-End Car Shows Weather the Recession

Jim Motavalli

The blue blazer and white-glove auto events in upscale Connecticut can dazzle, even if the owners just write the checks. Auctions are part of the picture, and this year the results were decidedly mixed.

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