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why is the heater in my car so weak sauce
Feb 01, 2005

What could be causing this Mercury Sable's heater to fail?

Dear Car Talk

I've got a peculiar problem My Mercury Sable's heater has been putting out less and less hot air for the past few years This year there was no heat I flushed the cooling system still nothing Then I flushed the...


should i run the engine continuously or stop and start it if i am stuck in a blizzard
Sep 01, 2004

Myth alert: starting a car consumes more gasoline than letting it run continuously.

Dear Car Talk

Living in Colorado I wonder about being stuck in the snow in a blizzard Let's say I have a full tank of gas and keep the tailpipe clear Is it better to start the car every few minutes to run...

winter idling heating

Jan 01, 2002

Is it better to wait for the engine to warm up before turning on the heat?

Dear Car Talk

It gets a bit cold in the winter in Fairbanks Alaska and I have had an ongoing dispute with several wives and girlfriends about an important issue When a car has sat outside all night and one starts it in...

heating winter

Jan 01, 2001

Turn the heat ON if a car is overheating...what?!?

Dear Car Talk

I'm years old and live in Texas I recently finished driver's education and I could have sworn I heard my driver's ed teacher say that when your car overheats you should turn on the heater My parents disagree Am I...

heating engines warning lights

Sep 01, 2000

Should I warm up the car with the heat and fan on or off?

Dear Car Talk

I live in Portland Maine cold winters and I own a Nissan Pathfinder My husband told me that on winter mornings I should leave the temperature knob all the way to the cold position until my engine heats up He...

winter heating

Feb 01, 2000

Are gasoline heaters a good way to heat my VW Bug...or a fire hazard?

Dear Car Talk

Help I am truly desperate I have this adorable Volkswagen Bug baby blue with daisy decals It's been completely overhauled both inside and out It's beautiful The only problem is that I live in Colorado and it's COLD One shop...

heating fire safety

Jul 01, 1997

Help! My dashboard sounds like it's gurgling.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Toyota truck that makes a wild loud gurgling sound whenever I turn on the heater There's plenty of water in the radiator The heat seems to work fine but this weird noise comes out from the...

blower motors heating noises

Jun 01, 1997

Would you recommend getting a block heater to improve passenger compartment heating in Colorado?

Dear Car Talk

I have an early Ford Explorer or I can't remember I live in Colorado where you can see purple mountains' majesty in the color of one's exposed skin on a brisk zero-degree day I would like to put an engine...

heating block heaters aftermarket parts

Apr 01, 1996

Is it ever OK to run the AC along with the heat?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a four-cylinder Plymouth Acclaim The salesman told me to put the temperature controls on air-conditioning in the winter when I want heat instead of on the heat setting He says that I'll get just as much heat...

air conditioning heating

Mar 01, 1995

Any chance a bad thermostat could cause my check-engine-light to come on?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Aerostar with miles on it I have two problems Problem When I put on the brakes my oil light comes on and my oil needle drops all the way down like I don't have any oil...

heating warning lights oil