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May 01, 1995

Sometimes car advice is worth what you pay for.

Dear Car Talk

I read your column every week--why I don t know And I have to admit to a little envy I d love to get paid you do get paid don t you for writing smart aleck answers to really dumb...

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Mar 01, 1995

This car salesman takes issue with our depiction of dealership sales tactics.

Dear Car Talk

I regularly read your column and in most cases enjoy what you have to say However I and many members of our sales department take issue with your depiction of car salespeople as rats The analogy was humorous at first...

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Aug 01, 1993

A warning from the Library of Congress...!

Dear Car Talk

In one of your recent columns a reader wrote to you because she was having a difficult time finding your book CAR TALK In your response you mentioned the Library of Congress and suggested that your readers could try sneaking...

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Feb 01, 1993

Tom and Ray disagree about two-footed driving.

Dear Car Talk

Boy did you guys blow it with your answer about two foot driving You told an older reader it was OK to use his left foot for braking and his right foot for accelerating on a car with automatic transmission...

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Apr 01, 1992

I dropped the newspaper in the tub and obliterated it...

Dear Car Talk

Some weeks ago I picked up my paper from my front porch and as I always do went right to your column My wife and I argue over who will get to read your column first so I try to...

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