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Feb 01, 1995

Why are gas gauges different for every manufacturer?

Dear Car Talk

Why do different car manufacturers set such different standards on their gas gauges In our old Buick when the needle hit the yellow area you had to be driving into a gas station with enough momentum to reach the pumps...

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Sep 01, 1994

I have a Lincoln Town Car When I have about...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Lincoln Town Car When I have about five to seven gallons of gas left in the tank my gauge goes past Full When I have about three gallons left it returns to a normal reading One shop...

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Mar 01, 1993

Does running on almost-empty damage the catalytic converter?

Dear Car Talk

I really enjoy reading your col umn and thank you for the valuable information which I share with other family mem bers I have a question I don't think you've ever answered It seems that our fuel gauge reg isters...

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Oct 01, 1992

Is the wiring my son's hamster chewed through "mission critical"?

Dear Car Talk

My eleven year old son let his pet mouse escape in my Dodge Van It took five days to catch him after he ran up my pant leg while I was going mph and nearly caused me to have a...

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Sep 01, 1992

Do I have an oil pressure problem?

Dear Car Talk

I read in my owner's manual that my oil gauge should only drop below when idling My Chevrolet Corsica drops down to or regularly after the car has warmed up when it's not idling Since my extended warranty expires in...

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