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Mercedes E320 dials don't work when car is light
Jun 02, 2015

Today: Diagnose Those Dials

Dear Car Talk

Patricia's temperature and clock dials only work when the car is fully loaded. When the car is light and empty, neither works. Find out what Car Talk thinks may be happening, right here.


Nissan Xterra gauges freeze up
Aug 20, 2014

What's Ailing Nancy's Gauges?

Dear Car Talk

The gauges in Nancy's 2000 Nissan Xterra keep freezing up. Tom and Ray have a diagnosis for Nancy. Find out what they say (and why she's not going to like it) right here.

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Does a dented fuel tank affect the gas gauge
Dec 13, 2011

Can a dented fuel tank's gas gauge be reading correctly?

Dear Car Talk

Joey wants to know if the fuel gauge on his daughter's '98 Honda Civic could be damaged after he accidentally dented her fuel tank -- while replacing her car's rear brake shoes!

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Nov 01, 2001

How to fix a faulty gas gauge.

Dear Car Talk

My grandson just got a Chevy Beretta When the gas tank is empty the gauge still reads a quarter full Otherwise it seems to work accurately What's the problem and how can it be solved -- Jane RAY The problem...

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Jul 01, 2001

What to do when a gas pump's readings don't match your car's gas gauge.

Dear Car Talk

A couple of weeks ago I went to Albuquerque N M on vacation I stopped to fill my ' Honda Civic with gas at a local station The tank holds gallons and according to the pump I took gallons But...

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Mar 01, 2000

The noise isn't a problem but that low oil pressure is. Here are three likely causes.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Pontiac Transport with a liter V- engine and only miles Ever since I got it I've noticed that once the car has been driven awhile and the engine is at operating temperature the oil-pressure gauge will...

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Aug 01, 1999

Why do I get worse gas mileage from the second half tank of gas than I do from the first?

Dear Car Talk

While I know I should be worrying about the tension in Kosovo I am instead trying to figure out the answer to a dumb question Why do I get many more miles out of the first half of my tank...

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Apr 01, 1999

Is the temperature really spiking, or do you have a faulty gauge?

Dear Car Talk

Help I've got a Plymouth Acclaim When I start it up in the morning the temperature gauge goes all the way to hot for a couple of minutes then drops back down to halfway and stays there after that It...

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Apr 01, 1998

My gas gauge goes straight to empty when the tank reaches half-full.

Dear Car Talk

I have a strange problem in my car which surprisingly has improved my dating life My gas gauge goes straight to empty when the tank reaches half-full So I appear to have run out of gas a lot which is...

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Sep 01, 1997

What is this battery gauge on my dashboard trying to tell me?

Dear Car Talk

On the dashboard of my Plymouth Voyager is a dial with a picture of a battery The numbers show a range from to What is this gauge and what is it trying to tell me -- James RAY It's your...

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