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Apr 01, 1997

What could be causing this Vanagon to run hot?

Dear Car Talk

has been having overheating problems with his ' VW Vanagon On a trip to visit us recently one of his lower coolant hoses blew While he was here one on the upper right side blew On his way back home...

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Feb 01, 1997

I'm having to add coolant like crazy but I can't figure out where it's going.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a ' Ford Mustang V The car has only miles now and was originally owned by a little old lady It's a great car and goes like Leona Helmsley being chased by the IRS My problem is...

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Dec 01, 1994

I have a Chevy pick up with a -V and...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevy pick up with a -V and miles on it Recently I've had to add coolant to my radiator every few days It's not leaking onto the ground I can't find any leaks from hoses or clamps...

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Jun 01, 1993

Oil in the antifreeze reservoir? That's gonna cost ya.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Porsche I recently had it towed back to my house due to oil in the antifreeze reservoir My questions are what caused it and what type of money are we talking about to repair it John...

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Apr 01, 1993

GM customer service should foot the bill on this one.

Dear Car Talk

I am the owner of a Chevy Astro Van with a V liter engine I have a problem I have to add a gallon of antifreeze every four weeks or miles The dealer has pressure tested the system twice and...

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Sep 01, 1992

What can I do to prevent yet another head gasket from blowing?

Dear Car Talk

I've had some costly experiences with blown head gaskets Never having read or heard of preventive measures I wonder if periodic re-torquing of the head bolts would help What is your advice Edgar TOM You must have gotten a torque...

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Aug 01, 1992

White smoke is coming out of Jim's Honda: new pope or something else?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Honda Accord five speed with miles I change the oil every miles and monitor all other vi tal fluids The car gets good gas mileage and runs fairly well but I have a problem with white smoke...

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May 01, 1991

Proof that Aaron's losing brain cells: He enjoys our column!

Dear Car Talk

I really enjoy your column I own a Nissan Maxima with a curious problem Whenever I turn on the defroster and put the air selector on Recirculate it's fine But when I select Fresh Air I smell exhaust gas This...

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Jan 01, 1991

Zen and the Art of Camaro Maintenance

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevrolet Camaro that I bought used in It was in great shape had only miles belonged to a school teacher etc I haven't had any problems until it recently started leaking oil erratically It'll go for weeks...


Mar 01, 1990

My warm-blooded car...

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Nissan ZX The used-car dealer told me it had just been tuned up but it runs roughly and makes white smoke first thing in the morning After about or minutes it runs great Is this car...