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Jan 01, 2007

Should Saul really have paid 125 bucks for a lousy little gas cap?

Dear Car Talk

You might be familiar with how our military has paid outrageous sums of money for items such as hammers and toilet seats. Did you know that an unsuspecting car owner can pay 125 bucks for a new gas cap to make...

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how can i cheaply repair some holes in my gas tank
Sep 01, 2005

Is this gas tank puncture patch a temporary or permanent fix?

Dear Car Talk

My friends and I drove my Honda Civic to a hike in the Sierra Mountains last weekend. Unfortunately, the dirt road turned out to be quite a rocky road, and at the trailhead, I smelled gas, checked, and found that...

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can you drive a car with a gasoline engine if you accidentally put diesel in it
Jul 01, 2004

Diesel in a gasoline engine - what do I do?

Dear Car Talk

Neil's wife accidentally added diesel fuel to her gasoline-powered Honda Odyssey. They called two mechanics and got conflicting advice. Tom and Ray weigh in on who's right and what this mistake is going to cost them.

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is there really any harm is emptying the gas tank before you refill it
Mar 01, 2004

Myth: Running low on gas will cause your car to suck up a bunch of debris from the bottom of the tank.

Dear Car Talk

Please help me settle this debate with my dear husband Going to the gas station is a pleasant ritual for him where he gets coffee maybe a fat-saturated cholesterol-charged snack and kibitzes with the employees and other blue-collar workers who...

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can you seal up a gas tank with a commercial sealant
Aug 01, 2003

I drilled a hole in my neighbor's gas tank, but I MIGHT have fixed it. Do I have to tell them?

Dear Car Talk

A neighbor asked me -- as the neighborhood fix-it guy -- to repair the torn-up carpet in the back of her car In the process of putting some screws with washers around and through the floor of the car I...

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why is keeping a gas tank full advised in very cold weather
Mar 01, 2003

Keeping gas tanks 1/2 full to prevent gas line freezing -- still necessary?

Dear Car Talk

Every year when winter rolls around in the tundra we call northern Illinois I hear the same old advice from all of the experts that we should all keep our gas tanks at least half-full to prevent gas-line freeze No...

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Nov 01, 2001

How to fix a faulty gas gauge.

Dear Car Talk

My grandson just got a Chevy Beretta When the gas tank is empty the gauge still reads a quarter full Otherwise it seems to work accurately What's the problem and how can it be solved -- Jane RAY The problem...

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Oct 01, 2001

How do automatic gas-pump nozzles know when to shut off?

Dear Car Talk

How do automatic gas-pump nozzles know when the car's gas tank is almost full and therefore when to shut off This question has bothered me since I was and gas was two bits a gallon -- neither of which is...

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Jul 01, 2001

What to do when a gas pump's readings don't match your car's gas gauge.

Dear Car Talk

A couple of weeks ago I went to Albuquerque N M on vacation I stopped to fill my ' Honda Civic with gas at a local station The tank holds gallons and according to the pump I took gallons But...

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Feb 01, 2001

How do you get sugar out of a gas tank...or can I just leave it in there?

Dear Car Talk

I put sugar in my husband's gas tank but the car has not been turned on yet Is there any way we can get the sugar out or neutralized -- Susan TOM Let me start by reminding you that someday...

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