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Mystery Hoses on Fuel Pump Go Nowhere
Feb 05, 2019

Mystery Hoses on Fuel Pump Go Nowhere

Dear Car Talk

This Ranger has thrown Robert a curveball

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What's the Lowdown on This Lying Gas Gauge?
Aug 31, 2017

What's the Lowdown on This Lying Gas Gauge?

Dear Car Talk

The truth may set Mary, James, and their car's old sending unit free.

gas tanks Chevrolet Cobalt 2005

Valve May Be Culprit in Car That's Hard to Refuel
Jun 22, 2017

Valve May Be Culprit in Car That's Hard to Refuel

Dear Car Talk

Mark's Roadmaster takes a long time to fill up at the pumps, and not just because of size of the tank. There's a common problem that may explain it.

gas tanks Buick Roadmaster 1996

can gas get old in hybrid engines that don't use much
Jun 09, 2016

Can Gasoline "Go Bad" in Hybrids?

Dear Car Talk

If your hybrid doesn't use the engine much, is it possible for the gasoline to "go bad" over time? Ray injects some know-how into the question.

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Does driving with low gas do damage
Jan 21, 2016

Gas Myths: How Close to Empty is it Safe to Get?

Dear Car Talk

Today: It used to be that we were told to keep our gas tanks at least half-full to prevent water condensation. Is this still true?

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Can underfilling gas cause rust
Nov 26, 2015

Jan vs. Husband: Does Underfilling Gas Cause Rust?

Dear Car Talk

Today: Car Talk settles a dispute between Jan and her husband about rust, gasoline filler pipes, and underfilling a tank. The wager? A nickel. Find out who wins here.

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what happens to your car if you only fill the gas tank when its almost empty
Jun 19, 2012

Today: Annie's New Husband Is Running On Empty

Dear Car Talk

Annie's soon-to-be husband is perfect except for one unnerving habit: he refuses to fill up before the gas light comes on. Annie has heard that coasting into the station on fumes can be bad for the fuel pump. Can Tom and Ray help her make her case? 

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Cost of missing fuel cap
Dec 20, 2011

Today: The Case of the Missing Fuel Cap Flap

Dear Car Talk

Kate tries to get to the bottom of the "check fuel cap" light that keeps appearing on her dash. Is she looking at a costly visit to the dealer?

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Does a dented fuel tank affect the gas gauge
Dec 13, 2011

Can a dented fuel tank's gas gauge be reading correctly?

Dear Car Talk

Joey wants to know if the fuel gauge on his daughter's '98 Honda Civic could be damaged after he accidentally dented her fuel tank -- while replacing her car's rear brake shoes!

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