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Mar 01, 2002

Why won't my mechanic install the rebuilt engine I found online that is cheaper than his quote?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevy Caprice Classic The engine is leaking all over the place I need to buy a good rebuilt one Please don't suggest that I buy a new car instead because I can't afford one I have found...

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Dec 01, 2001

Is 33% markup standard on auto parts at my local mechanic's garage?

Dear Car Talk

I discovered recently that the parts used by my local repair shop are marked up by percent I take this to mean that if I went to the dealer and bought the same part it would have been a lot...

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Apr 01, 2001

What does a garage do when it has a car that is unsafe to be driven?

Dear Car Talk

What do you guys do when a customer brings you a vehicle that you consider unsafe but he's too cheap to fix it And what if it's in a state with no mandatory inspection laws If you let the car...

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Jan 01, 2001

Should I tip the guy who drives me to and from the garage?

Dear Car Talk

When you take your car in for service and one of the employees takes you home and another guy picks you up when your car is ready are you supposed to tip those guys If so how much -- Bob...

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Mar 01, 2000

$35 for battery installation? What gives?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chrysler Cirrus I went to the dealer to have a new battery installed The price was plus for installation According to the owner's manual this is a very easy job Is such an installation fee common practice...

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Oct 01, 1999

Does the "flat-rate book" charged by a garage EVER work in the customer's favor?

Dear Car Talk

About this flat-rate book business has anyone ever seen it work in the customer's favor I went to my local Saturn dealer yesterday and they did hours of labor according to the bill in hours according to my watch And...

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Mar 01, 1994

We bought a Olds Cutlass Ciera Brougham last year from...

Dear Car Talk

We bought a Olds Cutlass Ciera Brougham last year from an Oldsmobile dealer It was our pride and joy When it got to miles we took it in for a winter inspection It was a free promotional deal The bad...

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Apr 01, 1990

Paying a hefty price to be lazy...

Dear Car Talk

I recently took my Ford Van back to a dealership for a minor tune-up I was presented with a bill of for labor and for eight spark plugs Two blocks away from the dealership an auto parts store sells identical...

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Feb 01, 1990

Is my dealer justified in charging for the labor costs of rags and lubricants?

Dear Car Talk

Being a frugal person a k a cheapskate I am infuriated with the local Honda dealer who charges an additional per hour of the labor rate for materials such as rags and lubricants Am I the only one who thinks...

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Sep 01, 1989

Should I have to pay a fee to have my transmission simply looked at?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 5-speed Honda Accord with 85k miles. It runs great except that the transmission slips out of third gear when I let off the gas abruptly, go over a few bumps or drive in third for an extended period...

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