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whats a reasonable price for a battery installation
Aug 23, 2012

Did Frank's Wife Pay Too Much?

Dear Car Talk

Frank's wife had the battery repalaced in their 1986 Honda Accord but now Frank worries that the shop ripped her off. Tom and Ray say the shop was definitely honest, but Frank still might have paid too much. Find out why, right here.

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Nov 01, 2009

Are "recycled" oil filters a scam?

Dear Car Talk

I notice that car businesses that lube and change oil for passenger cars are now charging for recycling oil filters. Is this a scam, since I never see "recycled" oil filters for sale? Personally, I think oil filters would be...

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Sep 01, 2008

Should it cost extra for an oil change, if your car is 4-wheel drive?

Dear Car Talk

A few weeks ago, I stopped at Jiffy Lube for an oil change (I have a 2005 Kia Sportage, four-wheel drive, with 16,500 miles). I asked the man behind the counter for a price on an oil change. He said $24.95. And then...

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Jan 01, 2008

Are "shop supplies" a legit charge?

Dear Car Talk

What are shop supplies? I always thought it was old rags and sprays to clean or lube. My recent visit to a dealer's garage cost me $22.56 for shop supplies. My total bill was $297.81. If I take my car to the...

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what do i do with the old broken parts my mechanic gives me after a repair
Oct 01, 2006

What's with the doggie bag of parts that Vicky gets from her mechanic? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

When I take my car in for service and the mechanic hands me a "doggie bag" on my way out -- a sack that contains the used/faulty parts that have just been replaced (air filter, spark plugs, etc --...

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can a repair shop charge me for more hours of labor than they actually spent on my car
Sep 01, 2005

How can a mechanic bill for 8 hours of labor when my car's only been in the shop for 3 hours?

Dear Car Talk

I took my car to a mechanic friend of mine. I talked to him at 11 a.m., and he said that he already had eight hours' labor in the job. I said: "What? You started at 3 a.m.?" Then he...

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should i have to pay for garaging i did not ask for during a car repair
Sep 01, 2005

Is this mechanic right to bill for towing and storing my dad's truck while waiting for a part?

Dear Car Talk

Last winter, my dad got an itemized bill from a garage repair shop that included charges for storage and for moving his vehicle when it snowed. The truck was outside, in the garage's parking lot, because they were waiting for...

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is it common to charge for more hours of auto repair labor than was actually spent
Jun 01, 2005

Did this dealer double-bill for a timing belt change?

Dear Car Talk

This has been bothering me for years Back in I took my Toyota Tercel in to a Toyota dealership at 60,000miles to have the timing belt replaced.

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Dec 01, 2002

A mechanic made a repair without my permission. Who should pay?

Dear Car Talk

I take my car to the dealer and agree to a diagnostic fee The dealer calls me and says You have a vacuum line that popped off and the total fee including diagnostics will be I say Wait I need...

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Sep 01, 2002

Why does a hookup to the "diagnostic machine" cost so much?

Dear Car Talk

When my ' Mazda is acting up and I take it to my local garage which is part of a national chain they sometimes tell me it has to be put on the diagnostic machine Just putting it on the...

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