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Jan 01, 1991

Kneel down, face Detroit, and pray for a vacuum leak.

Dear Car Talk

What's wrong with an Cadillac with low mileage that misses shakes and slowly stalls at idle At mph it still misses and shakes I've replaced the plugs wires and distributor cap Willy TOM Well Willy the good news is that...

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Oct 01, 1990

Do not run out of gas!

Dear Car Talk

I am presently driving my first fuel injected car A friend told me to be sure not to run out of gas as it is a problem with fuel injected cars Is it Floyd TOM I've got news for you...

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Mar 01, 1990

What are benefits of fuel injection?

Dear Car Talk

Is fuel injection better than a carburetor What are the advantages of fuel injection Bill TOM For the first hundred years all cars ran great with carburetors that's all there was But carburetors did not accurately control the amount of...

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Sep 01, 1989

What's the purpose of the bronze coil in the Volvo fuel injection system?

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I've had a couple of Volvos that have taken me well over 100k miles each. Both cars have in a hose that snakes around the fuel injection system a...

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Jan 01, 1989

When is it a good idea to swap cars with your mechanic?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Volkswagen Quantum It now has miles on it and has been a very reliable car Since it was a year or two old the car has had difficulty starting whenever the outside temperature is less than degrees...

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