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Jul 01, 2000

Does an engine have to be adjusted when moving to a high altitude locale?

Dear Car Talk

I have accepted a promotion with my company and have agreed to move to Denver I currently live in Columbus Ohio I drive a Honda Civic LX and was told that I would need my engine adjusted to deal with...

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Sep 01, 1999

Is it true that you SHOULDN'T step on the gas while starting a fuel-injected car?

Dear Car Talk

Can you please say something about fuel injection and the need for being careful NOT to step on the gas before starting up the car Why don't dealers impress this upon customers who buy fuel injected cars these days --...

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Aug 01, 1998

Looking for advice on a proposed fuel injector repair.

Dear Car Talk

My ' Acura Legend with miles has been starting with great difficulty when the engine is cold It purrs once then dies My mechanic says I have two leaky fuel injectors small leaks Because each of the leaky injectors is...

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May 01, 1995

If these GM cars are fuel injected, why do I see a carburetor on their engines?

Dear Car Talk

I'm confused about fuel injection on GM cars and trucks I've noticed that the V and Cadillac V engines are fuel injected but the V trucks are not They call them electronically fuel injected but there's still a carburetor sitting...

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Sep 01, 1994

I have an obnoxious younger brother who may be feeding...

Dear Car Talk

I have an obnoxious younger brother who may be feeding me a line regarding the fuel injectors in our cars He says that you need to buy a fuel additive and add it to the gas to clean the fuel...

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Jun 01, 1994

Some weeks ago you settled or perhaps escalated a marital...

Dear Car Talk

Some weeks ago you settled or perhaps escalated a marital dispute about the benefits or lack there-of of buying high octane gasoline Now how about tackling a related marital dispute Are those fuel injector cleaners on the market beneficial If...

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Aug 01, 1993

Should I bother with the $60 fuel injector cleaning solvent from my tune-up guys?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I both drive fuel injected Pontiac Grand Ams I recently had both tuned up at one of those tune-up places The last three times I've been there they have insisted that we purchase a procedure for cleaning...

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Sep 01, 1992

The mystery of extra chugs.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a year old senior citizen with a four cylinder ' Chevy Cavalier that has good miles on it Just lately when I turn off the ignition switch the engine seems to want to run for a few seconds more...

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May 01, 1992

When to change the fuel filter...

Dear Car Talk

With a fuel injected car how do you determine when to change the fuel filter By mileage Will RAY Yeah Other than cutting it open and taking a look at it there's really no way to know when a fuel...

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Aug 01, 1991

Cleaning fuel injectors with transmission fluid and gasoline...?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Taurus I told a friend that I was going to get my fuel injectors cleaned He said to use a pint of transmission fluid in a tank of gas which he has been doing for some...

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