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does my car really need the wind diverter
Jun 28, 2012

What Does This Thing Do? Chin Spoiler Edition

Dear Car Talk

Tom's wife ran over a tree limb (no, not that Tom!) after it fell off a truck right in front of her. The car was undamaged except for the black plastic part under the front bumper, which had to be removed. Tom's question: what the heck was that thing, and is it important? Find out what the brothers Magliozzi have to say on the subject of chin spoilers, right here.


Steering wheel shakes at high speeds
Aug 01, 2011

Today: What's shaking up Donna's Corolla?

Dear Car Talk

Hi My husband and I now live in the Dominican Republic We have a secondhand Toyota Corolla LE We live in the mountains which we access on some paved some nonpaved and some terribly potholed roads for miles after we...


what causes a shuddering steering wheel and clicking noise
Nov 01, 2010

In today's column: a shaking problem that urgently needs fixing.

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1999 BMW 323i that I love. My husband wants to trade it in because it has 207,100 miles on it. He's afraid of racking up big repair bills. I say if we keep up with maintenance and repairs, who...

front-ends used cars repairs

Jul 01, 2001

So many things could be damaged by hitting a curb at 30 mph - but get that front end checked pronto.

Dear Car Talk

Let's say a moron decided to take a shortcut through a parking lot at night This moron might drive a well-seasoned ' Dodge Dakota two-wheel-drive V- with an automatic transmission To the moron's surprise there was a curb in the...

front-ends accidents motor mounts exhaust system alignment

Aug 01, 2000

Any idea what that front-end noise could be if the CV joints & radiator are OK?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Acura Integra LS with a five-speed transmission The car developed a front-end noise after I took it to a Honda dealer The noise a low hum sounds like what you hear when you run a wet...

front-ends noises brakes diagnostics

Jul 01, 1998

If my front-end starts to go, will I have any warning this time?

Dear Car Talk

I too once owned a Dodge Dart and it was a very good car giving me miles of relatively trouble-free driving However one day as I drove down the freeway the front end gave out The ball joints let loose...

front-ends maintenance

Dec 01, 1996

Shaking during uphill acceleration. If not a front-end problem, what is it?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Suburban with approximately miles on it When we accelerate up hills usually going between and mph the front end of the vehicle shakes violently We have taken the vehicle to our authorized dealer and they can't find...

front-ends engines

Mar 01, 1996

Is this truck just old, or does it have a front-end problem?

Dear Car Talk

Help Help I just drove my son's Ford pickup He loves it but I'm worried because the Ford roadwalks Is that what you call it It wanders all over the place I felt grateful just to keep it in my...


Sep 01, 1995

Get that front-end shimmy looked at by a mechanic...pronto.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Capri At about mph on a left turn the front end shimmies It doesn't shimmy at any other time It seems that the right front dips down when it happens and the right front shock seems...