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Aug 01, 2001

Can a Dodge Caravan spontaneously combust?

Dear Car Talk

Is it possible that my van ' Dodge Grand Caravan burned on its own Or was it vandalized The whole engine compartment burned up I hadn't driven it since p m and at a m my daughter woke me up...

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May 01, 2001

What should I do if I see a burning car on the side of the road?

Dear Car Talk

While traveling the highways and byways I occasionally see cars on fire I would like to help out but I do not have a fire extinguisher Should I buy one and carry it with me What kind There must be...

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Feb 01, 2000

Are gasoline heaters a good way to heat my VW Bug...or a fire hazard?

Dear Car Talk

Help I am truly desperate I have this adorable Volkswagen Bug baby blue with daisy decals It's been completely overhauled both inside and out It's beautiful The only problem is that I live in Colorado and it's COLD One shop...

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Dec 01, 1999

Where can I safely run a cable through my car's firewall?

Dear Car Talk

I need to run a two-wire -volt cable from my battery to the driver's compartment where my amateur radio transceiver is located The local Ford dealer could not recommend a location to put the cable through the fire wall But...

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Aug 01, 1999

Is spontaneous combustion covered under warranty?

Dear Car Talk

My beautiful Caprice Classic four-door sedan with only miles on it -- and no dents or scratches -- is now a pile of junk While parked in front of my home the engine began to smolder then it burst into...

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Oct 01, 1998

How do cars catch fire when they haven't been in an accident?

Dear Car Talk

I don't have a car so I take the train to work every day Between the train station and office building my company runs a shuttle bus which is a modified passenger van After getting off the train this morning...


Sep 01, 1998

What's with people filling their gas tanks with their engines running? Is it really not that dangerous?

Dear Car Talk

Help me out here I need to know if I have to start wearing my flameproof sweater next time I fill up at the neighborhood gas station The last two times that I filled up the tank at the local...

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Oct 01, 1994

I had a Mercedes SDL odometer reading approximately miles During...

Dear Car Talk

I had a Mercedes SDL odometer reading approximately miles During a recommended change of antifreeze at the dealer's I asked to purchase a new cigarette lighter for the dash The mechanic experience years plus told parts I did not need...

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