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Is This Really How a Car's Fan Works?
Mar 16, 2017

Is This Really How a Car's Fan Works?

Dear Car Talk

The low setting on your fan may actually be a high setting that's met some resistance.

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why does my fan slowly stop working on long trips
May 12, 2016

Troubleshooting a Troublesome Fan

Dear Car Talk

Steve's got a Chrysler 300C with automatic temperature control--but the fan seems to be fading fast. What are his options?

fans ventilation fuses Chrysler 300C 2005

Aug 01, 2008

Find out what causes engine overheating-- and how to fix it

Dear Car Talk

I was coming home from bowling the other night, and I passed my buddy going down the road. So we stopped in the road and were talking. Then all of a sudden he asked me, "What the heck is that...


Aug 01, 2000

Escort hasn't overheated but it's running hot.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Escort LX hatchback that runs hot when sitting in slow traffic or at an extended stoplight It has never overheated but merely moves into the high range As soon as I return to highway driving it drops...


Feb 01, 1998

Here's hoping it's a broken fan clutch...and not a cracked head.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Pontiac Grand Am with a V engine This engine was rebuilt professionally several years and miles ago Last month the water pump came apart Apparently the ball bearings just started rolling out along with a big gush...

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Nov 01, 1997

Replace the fan, but only after you dump the girlfriend.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Acura Integra with miles For the greater part of seven years the fan blower has worked fine Recently it started not coming on right away It takes from two to minutes for it to start up...


Jan 01, 1996

No doubt about it, your engine is overheating.

Dear Car Talk

Help I have a mystery problem Grandma gave me her ' Volkswagen Rabbit with only miles on it Lately it's running hot and the heat does not dissipate On a particularly hot humid day while stuck in traffic the oil...

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Nov 01, 1994

I have a Dodge which has an electric cooling fan...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Dodge which has an electric cooling fan that is thermostatically controlled The cooling fan stays on from eight to ten minutes after the motor is shut off This seemed to shorten the life of the battery so...

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Mar 01, 1993

Check Engine Lights are better than fans for avoiding an overheated engine.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Ford Escort Recently the car overheated due to a faulty fan relay The car had only miles on it and now I need a new engine In the future I was wondering if it would be a...

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