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Aug 01, 1995

What could be causing this Camaro to burn through a set of spark plugs every WEEK?

Dear Car Talk

I am hoping you can help with a problem I am having with my wife's Camaro Convertible She drove it daily to work until about a year ago when this problem developed Four different mechanics can't find the problem It...

exhaust system spark plugs

Jan 01, 1995

The rattle in this Plymouth will be either very cheap or very expensive to fix.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Plymouth Satellite V I bought it in with miles for The gentleman wanted but I chewed him down to I felt bad because the car was in almost mint condition I've done my best to keep it...

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Jul 01, 1994

We have a Chevette It runs fine most of the...

Dear Car Talk

We have a Chevette It runs fine most of the time but every now and then when driving at speeds of - mph it will slowly lose power You can press the accelerator to the floor and it will drop...

exhaust system

May 01, 1993

The case of the backfiring MG.

Dear Car Talk

I drive a MGB yes every day When I ease off the accelerator at - mph like when I'm going downhill the car does an almost constant series of small backfires until I accelerate again The problem seems to be...

exhaust system

Jan 01, 1993

Accelerator pedal is howling, and we might know what's causing it!

Dear Car Talk

I have a Oldsmobile Regency Brougham When driving in a very heavy rain storm suddenly a loud roar howling sound is heard If I press down on the accelerator pedal the sound becomes louder but when I release pressure completely...

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Jul 01, 1992

What could have ruined my brand new muffler?

Dear Car Talk

I have a GMC pick up Five months ago I had the exhaust system changed at a leading muffler shop The muffler has since swelled and now vibrates internally I brought the truck back to the shop They told me...

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May 01, 1992

My car ticks like a clock.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Tempo I would like to know if I have a problem My car ticks like a clock after I turn it off The dealer said to ignore it but it still bothers me Why is my...

noises exhaust system

Nov 01, 1991

From our car-sick series: CO poisoning?

Dear Car Talk

This spring my husband and I purchased a Chevrolet Celebrity with miles on it It is a nice car and we really like it Recently something strange happened while driving it We went on a short trip and on the...

exhaust system

May 01, 1991

Proof that Aaron's losing brain cells: He enjoys our column!

Dear Car Talk

I really enjoy your column I own a Nissan Maxima with a curious problem Whenever I turn on the defroster and put the air selector on Recirculate it's fine But when I select Fresh Air I smell exhaust gas This...

gaskets exhaust system

Apr 01, 1991

Driving with rocks in the engine? Sounds bad

Dear Car Talk

I am the owner of a Thunderbird which has one slight peculiarity When it's started and the engine is cold the engine is relatively smooth and quiet But when put in drive when cold it sounds like it's grinding rocks...

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