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what is the hair growing out of my tailpipe made out of
Jul 01, 2003

What is the "hair" that appears to be coming out of my tailpipe?

Dear Car Talk

This morning I went to my car to find that it had grown what appeared to be hair from the tailpipe It was about inches long and gray with brown highlights I had to get to class for a test...

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will running the engine to stay warm poison you with carbon dioxide
Jun 01, 2003

If you're spending much time in snow, don't forget to keep your tailpipe clear.

Dear Car Talk

I felt the need to write to you about an answer you gave recently A guy asked if one should keep the gas tank at least half-full in the winter to prevent gas-line freeze-up You said no but then you...

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May 01, 2002

Could a flame-thrower built into a tailpipe solve tailgating problems once and for all?

Dear Car Talk

I have a solution to the tailgating problem I've heard that you can make flames shoot out of your exhaust pipe by drilling a hole and putting a spark plug a few inches from the end Then by connecting it...

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Jan 01, 2002

Washing the car led to water up the tailpipe.

Dear Car Talk

Yesterday during my biannual car washing my -year-old squirted water up the tailpipe I did not see her do this but I was alerted when she came around to the front and asked Would it be OK to get that...

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Oct 01, 2000

White smoke from the tail pipe. Problem?

Dear Car Talk

I have a brand spankin' new Nissan Maxima About three days ago it did the weirdest thing It started right up but immediately started making a weird noise And at the same time it blew thick plumes of white smoke...

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May 01, 1999

That thud in the back of your Caravan might be a loose exhaust pipe.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a Dodge Caravan SE I really enjoy it but am wondering about a thudding noise that sounds a little like a dead body rolling around in the back of the van every time I accelerate quickly I...

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Jan 01, 1994

On cold days when an engine is first started the...

Dear Car Talk

On cold days when an engine is first started the exhaust is visible as a white smoke Then when the engine warms up the exhaust becomes colorless Why is this John TOM Great question John My brother happens to be...

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Sep 01, 1993

Water in the exhaust pipe? Totally normal.

Dear Car Talk

I read your column every week and consider you guys knowledgable experts I'm hoping you guys can give me some insight on a problem before I pose it to my dealer I've recently purchased a Dodge Pick Up with a...

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Apr 01, 1990

Caution: Carbon monoxide may cause typos.

Dear Car Talk

A couple of days ago while walking to my Camry I noticed that the tail pipe was closed Upon inspection I found that it was full of dirt for some six inches I don't know how long it had been...

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Dec 01, 1988

Can a beer can be used to plug holes in an exhaust pipe?

Dear Car Talk

My mechanic told me that the exhaust pipe on my Datsun pick-up has holes in it He says he fixed it by welding a beer can around it He says this will take care of it Is he right Marcy...

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