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Oct 01, 1999

What is the correct merging etiquette in a construction zone?

Dear Car Talk

Knowing of your penchant for philosophical disputes between otherwise happily married couples I thought I'd send you our disagreement My wife and I live in Michigan the state with two seasons Winter and Construction Season We disagree on the best...


Aug 01, 1998

Is there such a thing as garage etiquette?

Dear Car Talk

Is there such a thing as garage etiquette Let me explain A friend of mine recommended a certain mechanic to me I went to him and am thoroughly satisfied He owns the shop and has a great reputation He also...

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Mar 01, 1991

Driver education alert! Low light headlight etiquette

Dear Car Talk

With more cars and trucks sporting additional sets of headlights can you help educate drivers on their proper use By turning on every light available drivers get to show off how much they spent on their imported car or sports...

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