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Can you stop someone from parking in front of your house
Jun 04, 2013

Paging Miss Manners: Parking Etiquette

Dear Car Talk

Duane wants Tom and Ray's advice for how to stop his neighbor from parking in front of his house on the "technically" public street. Tom and Ray offer some tips for successful neighborly negotiations. Who's the jerk in this situation? Read Tom and Ray's advice and tell us what you think.

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Double lane merger
Aug 01, 2011

Today: Who's the jerk?

Dear Car Talk

I need to know if I'm being a jerk Every day I use a left exit ramp on the highway that starts out one lane wide. A second lane begins on the right -- it brings no new traffic it...


should I give up my right of way at a stop sign
May 01, 2011

Can a driver be too polite?

Dear Car Talk

I read your column all the time and value your opinion (especially if you side with me!) My husband (whom I call Bubba, if you are interested) frequently will stop to let someone else go first at intersections, when he...

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who should pay for cleaning a car after someone gets sick in it
Nov 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray handle a very sick etiquette question.

Dear Car Talk

I have an etiquette question. Consider the case of three families, all friends. Family A gets a new Escalade with all the bells and whistles. It is Daddy A's baby! Family B has a teenager with a history of motion...

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Dec 01, 2009

Is it ever right to tip your mechanic?

Dear Car Talk

So, should you tip your mechanic? Would it be insulting? Would it be appreciated? How do you know how much you should tip if, indeed, you should tip at all? I ask because recently I went to a mechanic I...

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Sep 01, 2008

Just when should you use your emergency flashers?

Dear Car Talk

This has been an ongoing disagreement with my wife and others: When you pull to the side of the road for ANY reason OTHER than an EMERGENCY ("emergency" defined as: vehicle trouble, flat tire, heart attack, etc.), should you use...

emergencies lights etiquette

May 01, 2002

Flashing lights to get someone to pull over: acceptable or rude?

Dear Car Talk

My boyfriend and I are having an argument about people who roar up behind you and flash their lights frantically until you pull over so they can zoom by I think this is rude and he thinks it's perfectly acceptable...

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May 01, 2002

On behalf of female customers: Enough with the "honey", "sweetie", and "darlin'" routine!

Dear Car Talk

On behalf of women around the world I would like to voice a frustration I feel about my regular trips to the mechanic I know a lot of mechanics read your column I thought about taking out an ad or...

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May 01, 2002

Could a flame-thrower built into a tailpipe solve tailgating problems once and for all?

Dear Car Talk

I have a solution to the tailgating problem I've heard that you can make flames shoot out of your exhaust pipe by drilling a hole and putting a spark plug a few inches from the end Then by connecting it...

exhaust pipes etiquette

Jan 01, 2001

Should I tip the guy who drives me to and from the garage?

Dear Car Talk

When you take your car in for service and one of the employees takes you home and another guy picks you up when your car is ready are you supposed to tip those guys If so how much -- Bob...

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