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Nov 01, 2002

What's up with the customer satisfaction surveys that dealers are mailing me...pre-filled out?

Dear Car Talk

What's up with dealer customer-satisfaction surveys After I get my car serviced the dealer sends me a four-page already-filled-out survey identical to the one Honda is going to send me -- with excellent checked in every box The dealer tells...

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Aug 01, 2002

What on earth is an "advertising fee"? We just got charged by our Toyota dealer.

Dear Car Talk

After buying a new car a Toyota Tundra I feel ripped off Just when I was feeling good about the deal we agreed to a price just percent above invoice the guy added on an advertising fee just as we...

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Apr 01, 2001

What does a garage do when it has a car that is unsafe to be driven?

Dear Car Talk

What do you guys do when a customer brings you a vehicle that you consider unsafe but he's too cheap to fix it And what if it's in a state with no mandatory inspection laws If you let the car...

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Jun 01, 1998

Having regret over disconnecting an odometer cable to adhere to lease terms. What can I do to make it up to the dealer?

Dear Car Talk

Help I think I'm in deep doo-doo The two-year lease on my Jeep Cherokee is about to expire I did the unthinkable I unhooked the odometer cable at the transmission But after miles my conscience won out and I reconnected...

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Jun 01, 1998

I may or may not have cost my friend's car a head gasket, but I don't know. Should I tell him?

Dear Car Talk

After I was involved in an accident a good friend lent me his stealth car a Honda Accord hatchback with miles on this engine I drove it for a week and may have killed it He warned me that it...


Apr 01, 1998

Did I cause my boss' transmission to start slipping and, more importantly, should I tell him about it?

Dear Car Talk

Oh boy Here goes My boss left to go to Japan on vacation My boyfriend and I moved into his luxurious home to housesit and feed his prized cats He also said I could drive his Mercury Sable station wagon...

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