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Toyota Tacoma SR5 has bad catalytic converter
Feb 16, 2016

Which Catalytic Converter is Broken on Ben's Tacoma?

Dear Car Talk

Ben is a broke college student and he's just learned that the catalytic converter on his Toyota Tacoma is bad. His dealer and a second mechanic agree that he can ignore it until he starts experiencing performance issues. The Car Talk Department of Automotive Ethics weighs in!

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Volkswagen dieselgate
Oct 28, 2015

It's a Small World After All!

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

The world’s carmakers, it turns out, have the long-range vision and ethical integrity of a roving band of rabid raccoons and the bad news keeps on rolling. Like American carmakers, and Japanese ones, Volkswagen has important friends in high places.

emissions ethics Volkswagen

Sep 22, 2015

The VW Betrayal: Car Talk Interviews Dan Neil

Staff Blog

One of our favorite automotive journalists, and favorite writers, Dan Neil from the WSJ gives us his thoughts so far on the VW betrayal.

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Asthma attacks and Volkswagen
Sep 22, 2015

I bought a 2015 VW diesel. I also suffer from Asthma. Boy, am I ticked off.

Staff Blog

Pass the Ventolin and—oh, one other thing—F*&% You, VW. Car Talk's Senior Web Lackey on VW's massive diesel deceit.

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VW and Audi defeat device scandal
Sep 19, 2015

The Blue Tec Blues

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

What can you say of the shocking news that Volkswagen devised – and, then, even more embarrassingly, employed – a super-sneaky software hack to make it appear to U.S. government regulators that 482,000 diesel engines it sold here were less polluting than they actually were?

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Ethics of pushing a car to its limit under warranty
Oct 01, 2009

Should Lisa push her still-under-warranty BMW to the breaking point?

Dear Car Talk

I know this is ethically questionable, so you guys are the only ones I can ask. My BMW is still under warranty -- barely -- for the next 400 or so miles. I was wondering if there is a way, assuming...


May 01, 2008

Is it ever okay for a dealership to "cannibalize" a brand-new car for parts?

Dear Car Talk

On Saturday I selected a brand-new Honda Accord from a local dealer here in Hawaii, and gave them my down payment. I was to pick it up last night. But as I was on my way over to get it...

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Feb 01, 2008

Ethical dilemma alert! Should Libby disclose her car's true mileage?

Dear Car Talk

My boyfriend recently diagnosed (correctly, I assume, since all the idiot lights are no longer glaring at me all the time) a problem with the instrument cluster in my 1999 Grand Prix. He was able to pick up a replacement at...

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can you seal up a gas tank with a commercial sealant
Aug 01, 2003

I drilled a hole in my neighbor's gas tank, but I MIGHT have fixed it. Do I have to tell them?

Dear Car Talk

A neighbor asked me -- as the neighborhood fix-it guy -- to repair the torn-up carpet in the back of her car In the process of putting some screws with washers around and through the floor of the car I...

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Dec 01, 2002

A mechanic made a repair without my permission. Who should pay?

Dear Car Talk

I take my car to the dealer and agree to a diagnostic fee The dealer calls me and says You have a vacuum line that popped off and the total fee including diagnostics will be I say Wait I need...

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