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Oct 01, 1997

What is causing fuses to regularly blow out on my daughter's car?

Dear Car Talk

I have teen-agers and I try to maintain a small fleet of used cars for them to drive My problem with my daughter's ' Dodge Shadow however has left me several hundred dollars poorer and no closer to a solution...

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Aug 01, 1997

The starter, solenoid, and battery cables have all been replaced, so why the smoke coming from the ground wire?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercury Marquis sold to me by a family friend that has been a money pit and the bane of my existence for two years now The car was getting more and more difficult to start One day...

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Jul 01, 1997

Help us fix our radio antennae so we can listen to your Lousy Show.

Dear Car Talk

I'm sure you guys will come up with something funny to say about this but my wife and I are pretty mad about it Our Toyota Camry has a temperamental power antenna that does not like to come up after...

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Dec 01, 1996

Your alternator might be causing your brake light to flicker.

Dear Car Talk

Datsun B Two or three months ago I noticed that the dashboard brake light was flickering as if it were a turn indicator while I was stopped at a red light I immediately drove to my trustworthy mechanic They decided...

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Jun 01, 1996

Another bad alternator, or a rare case of a Swedish syndrome known as "ground wire burnout"?

Dear Car Talk

Here's another Saab story for you My girlfriend has a non-turbo It starts fine idles for a while then stalls If you try to start it the battery just acts dead If you jump start it it will run fine...

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Nov 01, 1995

When in doubt, try electrical tape.

Dear Car Talk

On my ' Olds Cutlass Supreme my voltmeter gauge always reads a little shy of volts When I turn on the air conditioning the gauge dips down almost to the red area--about volts Is this something I should be concerned...

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Jun 01, 1995

What could be causing this battery to lose its charge?

Dear Car Talk

Boy do I hope you can answer my question We have a Chevy Open Road Van that keeps wearing down the battery We have had the camper to two different vehicle electrical shops and they told us all we needed...

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Jun 01, 1995

How might I go about replacing a horn myself?

Dear Car Talk

You are both too young and handsome to know much about the car I drive But I realize that after hearing you and reading you that you are very resourceful I also know you will not smirk at my lovely...

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Feb 01, 1995

Winning a "renovated" VW Beetle might actually make you feel like a loser.

Dear Car Talk

Can you help me Last summer my son entered a contest in our family's name with a local radio station to win one of four renovated VW Beetles in celebration of the th anniversary of the Beatles John Paul George...

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Nov 01, 1994

Our Chevy Lumina mini-van has an electrical problem The interior...

Dear Car Talk

Our Chevy Lumina mini-van has an electrical problem The interior lights have a main switch up front on the ceiling--between the front seats The switch was replaced Since then the fuse continually shorts out causing the interior lights and the...

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