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is there anything wrong with keeping low and high beams on at the same time
May 01, 2004

Better to install a separate set of driving lights -- as long as you're courteous of oncoming traffic.

Dear Car Talk

Hey guys I have a ' Dodge Dakota When driving at night I switch from low beams to high and if I hold the dimmer switch in and don't release it I get the effect of having both bulbs on...

headlights electrical wiring

why does my engine die on an uphill mountain grade
Jun 01, 2003

Engine dies every time it goes uphill...here are some ideas on what to check.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mustang GT with just under miles The engine runs fine on the flat desert floor but when I try to climb out of the valley the V- begins to sputter and then stops completely If it sits...

diagnostics electrical wiring fuel pumps

Nov 01, 2001

Faulty battery or faulty charging system?

Dear Car Talk

We have a ' GMC Yukon It has a slow electrical discharge that eventually causes the battery to go dead Then my wife finds herself stranded The battery has been replaced so that's not the problem The fuse box has...

batteries electrical wiring diagnostics

Aug 01, 2001

Can a Dodge Caravan spontaneously combust?

Dear Car Talk

Is it possible that my van ' Dodge Grand Caravan burned on its own Or was it vandalized The whole engine compartment burned up I hadn't driven it since p m and at a m my daughter woke me up...

electrical wiring fire

Jun 01, 2001

Is dry gas fixing my car's starting problem?

Dear Car Talk

I have had some problems starting my ' BMW i on cold damp winter days Both times the problem disappeared IMMEDIATELY after adding a container of dry gas When I discussed this with my dealer service representative and asked if...

electrical wiring additives

Aug 01, 2000

Help! Smoke's coming out of the steering column.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Cadillac Seville SLS The problem is smoke coming out of the steering column I've had the car back to the dealer about three times for this and the mechanics still can't fix it Smoke comes out...

smoke steering electrical wiring

Dec 01, 1999

Where can I safely run a cable through my car's firewall?

Dear Car Talk

I need to run a two-wire -volt cable from my battery to the driver's compartment where my amateur radio transceiver is located The local Ford dealer could not recommend a location to put the cable through the fire wall But...

electrical wiring fire sound systems DIY

Jul 01, 1999

When those ABS warning lights come on, get thee to a dealership. Fast!

Dear Car Talk

I drive a ' Honda Accord EX I've owned the car since it was new and have had virtually no mechanical problems But recently the car started doing something I can't figure out Periodically the ABS light will come on...

ABS warning lights electrical wiring

Jun 01, 1999

An opportunity to buy a new diagnostic tool: this time, a "short tester".

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a Ford Escort Wagon for my wife and I found out the brake lights don't work The fuse was burned out When I replaced it it took just a pump or two on the brakes to blow...

electrical wiring diagnostics

Apr 01, 1999

If everything dies except for the engine, start by looking at the wiring that runs through your firewall.

Dear Car Talk

I have recently purchased a used Pontiac Bonneville SSEi It has miles on it and seemed to run fine until last night My wife and I were returning home from visiting our daughter at college About miles into the trip...

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