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Dec 04, 2017

These Animals Will Eat Your Soul

J.C. Howard

Boy, your Soul looks delicious.

wildlife electrical wiring Kia

Car Has Electrical Gremlins after Steering Pump Repair
Jul 18, 2017

Car Has Electrical Gremlins after Steering Pump Repair

Dear Car Talk

The car's start-up problem might be coincidence or a loose connection--but how did that happen?

steering batteries electrical wiring Mazda CX-7 2007

Problematic New Car Sounds Like a Lemon
May 02, 2017

Problematic New Car Sounds Like a Lemon

Dear Car Talk

T.J.'s new car has been nothing but trouble. Should he bring it back to the shop again, or research lemon laws?

warranties repairs dealers electrical wiring Chevrolet Malibu 2016

Windows Won't Budge in the Heat
Apr 13, 2017

Windows Won't Budge in the Heat

Dear Car Talk

Looking for the culprit in the heat of the day is the best approach.

windows electrical wiring Pontiac Bonneville

Jan 03, 2017

A Cooked Relay Leads to Frazzled Nerves

Dear Car Talk

The warning buzzer in Terry's Montero won't shut off. Finding the relay may quiet his commute.

electrical wiring 1995

i can't figure out how to replace fix my parking lights
Dec 22, 2016

David Needs Help with a Common Car Problem

Dear Car Talk

David tried fixing the usual culplrits and he still can't get his Buick's parking lights to work. The solution is easy if he knows where to look.

DIY electrical wiring lights Buick Century 1994

Used GMC Sonoma ZR2 misfires
Feb 18, 2016

Can Car Talk Diagnose Ed's GMC Sonoma Mystery?

Dear Car Talk

"Well, now you know why the previous owner sold it."

electrical wiring GMC Sonoma 2003

Crazy biting ants in your car
Sep 03, 2015

Today: Your Crazy Ant

Kieran Lindsey

Disclaimer: Our wildlife biologist does not have any tips for surviving a visit from your mom’s wacko sister. But she can help with the six-legged variety.

wildlife electrical wiring

MIG welding on a truck
May 05, 2015

Today: MIG Welding an Older Truck?

Dear Car Talk

Car Talk's advice for MIG welding: get the right eye protection, and try not to set your car, your house or your hair on fire. Read the rest, right here.

electrical wiring DIY

Car won't start after driving cross country
Jul 16, 2013

Did a Loose Ground Ground Charlie's Ford Escape?

Dear Car Talk

Charlie took his Ford Escape on a cross-country trip and after stopping for gas on the way back, it refused to start back up. They had it towed to a service station where it miraculously started and behaved just fine for the rest of the trip. Now Charlie's wondering what went wrong and if it will happen again. Read Tom and Ray's advice for Charlie, right here.

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