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Taming a Lurching, Coughing, Sputtering Beast
Jun 21, 2018

Taming a Lurching, Coughing, Sputtering Beast

Dear Car Talk

Testing the ignition system may put the Grand back in this Grand Am

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Mazda Protege engire misfires when wet
Mar 24, 2015

What's Causing Periodic Engine Misfire?

Dear Car Talk

Jim hit a big puddle a while back, and now his engine misfires when it's rainy or humid. Can Car Talk help him out? 

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how to fix distributor with broken clip
Jun 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray tag-team a stuck distributor.

Dear Car Talk

It was a rainy afternoon ... I had driven a couple of miles when the car stalled. I opened the hood and stared at the engine. What else is there to do? After 15 minutes and a few more tries, the engine...

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Oct 01, 1999

What's the cure for condensation on my distributor cap?

Dear Car Talk

Our Pontiac LeMans is a piece of junk but there's no way we can trade right now The problem is condensation in the distributor Almost every day I have to take it off and wipe it out to get the...


Apr 01, 1998

Could a bad distributor cause gas to show up in my oil?

Dear Car Talk

I have gas in the oil of my Olds Cutlass Is it possible that a bad distributor is causing this -- Greg RAY Is it possible that space aliens were responsible for the Iran-Contra affair Sure But it's not very...

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Jan 01, 1998

My car won't start in humid weather.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Toyota Camry that has never been any trouble until lately Whenever the weather becomes humid the car won't start I first noticed the problem several months ago when I was driving and the car actually died My...


Mar 01, 1997

Any ideas what could be causing my previously reliable used Corolla to not start every time it rains?

Dear Car Talk

Help I own a Toyota Corolla four-door sedan with a five-speed transmission I bought it used and it was extremely reliable for a year then starting at the beginning of last summer every time it rains the car won't start...

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May 01, 1996

Is this a problem inherent to the "Lean Burn" engine, or a weather related issue?

Dear Car Talk

In I bought a new Chrysler Cordoba with a Lean Burn engine Routine maintenance has always been adhered to and the car has never given me a problem until about years ago when during wet weather the car started to...

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Jan 01, 1994

My Acura Legend has about miles on it I still...

Dear Car Talk

My Acura Legend has about miles on it I still love the car but there is one problem In wet weather with the cruise control on the gas pedal begins to move up and down as if an invisible foot...

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Oct 01, 1993

Electrical wiring or distributor failure?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Corolla Just recently the odometer turned over to miles I've had very little trouble with it except for one frustrating condition Shortly after the odometer hit miles I started to have trouble starting the car whenever...

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