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is driveline lash in my new truck really normal
Sep 01, 2005

Does this truck have a case of "driveline-lash" or could it be something else?

Dear Car Talk

My son owns a 2003 Silverado 1500 4-wheel-drive Regular Cab Chevy truck. We hear and feel a loud clunk from the rear of the vehicle when starting from a stop. If you concentrate and go very slowly, nothing will happen, but if...

transmissions differentials Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2003

does differential oil need to be changed and how much should it cost
Jan 01, 2003

Just because fluids are dirty it doesn't necessarily mean they need to be replaced.

Dear Car Talk

I recently took my Dodge Ram conversion van in for an oil change The shop did a full-service check of all my fluids and put a sample of each on a plastic card to compare the colors with those of...

fluids steering differentials

Aug 01, 2002

What is "limited slip differential"?

Dear Car Talk

I'm planning to buy a new Toyota RAV and I know I want all-wheel drive and an anti-lock braking system We'll mostly use it on-road but sometimes we have to drive in snow and ice in the winter and up...

differentials AWD

Mar 01, 2000

What is that high-pitched whine coming from my (car's) rear end?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Aerostar extended version with miles For about the last miles I have been increasingly aware of a moderately high-pitched whine that seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle This noise reminds me of...

noises differentials

Mar 01, 1998

Cold spell bringing on an axle issue?

Dear Car Talk

I'm from Huntsville Ala the home of the Space and Rocket Center and Werner von Braun the famous German rocket scientist knowing this tidbit now qualifies you as an historian of Huntsville Anyway I have a Mazda i pickup with...

noises axles differentials

Dec 01, 1997

Worry less about the power distribution to the wheels in your truck and focus on getting better quality tires.

Dear Car Talk

Since early childhood I have been told by many a cigar-smoking wrench-toting grease-covered mechanic that a normal rear differential delivers power to only one rear wheel I was further told that this phenomenon was so complicated and required such advanced...

differentials 4WD tires

Aug 01, 1997

Don't let the dealership wait you out until your warranty expires.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Camry LE V with an automatic transmission and a little over miles on it It has been properly maintained At about - mph a high-pitched whine develops in the transmission while the accelerator pedal is depressed...

warranties differentials dealers

Apr 01, 1996

Is it possible to just chain up one wheel for snow driving?

Dear Car Talk

It's this neighbor of mine see The guy always makes wild statements after we put a can of beer in his hands This time he was after the snow chain manufacturers claiming they make a bundle unnecessarily because a regular...

winter differentials 4WD

Oct 01, 1995

Differentials, explained.

Dear Car Talk

I bought a new Mercury Sable wagon back in Several times I've noticed that only one of the front wheels has power transmitted to it for traction purposes This has resulted in one wheel spinning on snow covered surfaces while...


Jan 01, 1993

Is "posi-traction" just another name for "limited slip differential"?

Dear Car Talk

I called two Chevy dealers and one four-wheel-drive specialist and got three different answers Then I talked with my boyfriend who happens to be very mechanically inclined and that was the icing on the cake of confusion I own a...