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Difference between diesel and regular gasoline
Sep 01, 2011

Today: The real difference between diesel and gasoline.

Dear Car Talk

What is the difference between diesel and regular gasoline My boyfriend thinks that diesel is mixed with oil and he can't explain what is in regular gasoline that makes it different from diesel Please explain -- Corie TOM The main...

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Can diesel be uesd to flush an engine
May 01, 2010

Paul flushes his Ford Windstar with diesel fuel. Is he nuts?

Dear Car Talk

I am really bad at keeping up with timely oil changes on my 2005 Ford Windstar. When I do change the oil and filter, I write the date and the odometer mileage on the side of the oil filter. The last... 

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does overfilling the gas tank a few extra gas pump clicks do anything bad
Dec 01, 2007

Why it always makes sense to trust the pump.

Dear Car Talk

My Ford diesel has a warning about not overfilling the fuel tank. Precisely what would happen if you did this? Would damage to the engine or other systems occur? Most of us tend to "double-click" the automatic-shutoff fuel nozzle after...


does being in the diesel-driving minority make it harder to find a mechanic and fuel
Sep 01, 2007

New diesels: they're not like the old diesels. Find out why.

Dear Car Talk

I commute 130 miles round trip and am thinking about buying a new diesel Volkswagen. I m worried about maintenance costs. I read that diesels make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. market, so will it be hard to...

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is changing the oil in a diesel car pricier than for a regular gas car
Oct 01, 2006

Why would an oil change for a diesel cost Phil $80? Find out in today's letter.

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I am looking to buy a car soon, and I am thinking about getting a diesel, because of their great gas mileage. I know a thing or two about cars, but I'm not a professional mechanic yet, as I'm still...

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do engines need to warm up when it isn't actually cold outside
Jul 01, 2005

True or False: Do diesel engines need warming up?

Dear Car Talk

My neighbor warms up his diesel F250 pickup truck every morning for 20 minutes. He says he is "protecting" his investment, as he just got a new $5,000 engine. I say he is killing his neighbors. I can't find anything on the...

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can you drive a car with a gasoline engine if you accidentally put diesel in it
Jul 01, 2004

Diesel in a gasoline engine - what do I do?

Dear Car Talk

Neil's wife accidentally added diesel fuel to her gasoline-powered Honda Odyssey. They called two mechanics and got conflicting advice. Tom and Ray weigh in on who's right and what this mistake is going to cost them.

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are there any disadvantages to diesel engines in cars these days
May 01, 2004

Why are there so many more diesel fueled cars in Europe?

Dear Car Talk

I own an Audi A and I just spent a week in Italy I found out that more than percent of the A s sold in Europe have diesel engines I also rode in a diesel-powered A and an Opel...


what is vapor lock and can adding diesel fix it
Dec 01, 2003

Diesel in a gasoline engine to prevent vapor lock? Awful idea.

Dear Car Talk

While driving home from work on a hot day this past summer the guy who gives the road reports said You'll notice a lot of cars off to the side of the road today suffering from vapor lock He suggested...

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Dec 01, 2002

Will an ambulance be damaged by turning its engine off at the ER?

Dear Car Talk

Please help me settle a long-standing problem concerning diesel engines and ambulances I'm an emergency physician in Bowling Green Ky and I am now at the center of a major controversy which I started of course I can't convince the...