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Angry badger
Aug 27, 2019

Hear My Mercedes Roar

Dear Car Talk

This car is making loud noises only a mechanic would love.

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Mar 01, 2008

How can Dan fix an ornery Mitsubishi diesel... in Taji, Iraq?

Dear Car Talk

I'm in Taji, Iraq driving a Mitsubishi diesel pickup with a turbo, intercooled engine. It's very hard to start in the morning. You have to pump the gas at least 10 times, and then, once it starts, you have to hold...

diesel repair

does being in the diesel-driving minority make it harder to find a mechanic and fuel
Sep 01, 2007

New diesels: they're not like the old diesels. Find out why.

Dear Car Talk

I commute 130 miles round trip and am thinking about buying a new diesel Volkswagen. I m worried about maintenance costs. I read that diesels make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. market, so will it be hard to...

diesel diesel repair

is changing the oil in a diesel car pricier than for a regular gas car
Oct 01, 2006

Why would an oil change for a diesel cost Phil $80? Find out in today's letter.

Dear Car Talk

I am looking to buy a car soon, and I am thinking about getting a diesel, because of their great gas mileage. I know a thing or two about cars, but I'm not a professional mechanic yet, as I'm still...

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Feb 01, 2002

Will different tires improve the gas mileage on my biodiesel powered Jetta?

Dear Car Talk

In spite of all the advice I've heard from you concerning diesels I bought a VW Jetta TDI It's a wonderful car and it's much easier to drive than my girlfriend's gas-powered Passat Because I'm a get us off this...

diesel biofuel diesel repair tires

Jul 01, 1997

My diesel engine won't start anymore when the temperature drops. What are my options?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercedes D with miles In the warm months I have no problem starting this car But for the past couple of winters it struggled to start when the temperature fell to around F and refused to start...

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