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Oct 01, 2001

Why won't this car start when the windows are closed on a hot day?

Dear Car Talk

I need your help in solving a problem that really has me stumped My Nissan Sentra has a few strange habits most of which I can live with -- but not this one When the car sits in the sun...

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Jul 01, 2001

Any number of things could be causing this car to "diesel".

Dear Car Talk

I have an older car Jaguar that diesels or keeps running for several seconds after the engine is turned off Then it finally dies with quite a clatter Is there anything that would cause this besides carbon buildup in the...

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Apr 01, 2001

How to test your clutch to see if it's slipping.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Runner with a five-speed transmission and miles I take good care of it and I know how to drive It still has the original clutch which works fine But I know it will eventually wear out...

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Feb 01, 2001

Intermittent problems are difficult to diagnose. Here's how you can help your mechanic figure the problem out.

Dear Car Talk

I drive a Ford Escort The car runs well except that every three or four months it fails to start If you leave it for a few hours and then try again it starts right up It happens whether the...


Aug 01, 2000

Any idea what that front-end noise could be if the CV joints & radiator are OK?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Acura Integra LS with a five-speed transmission The car developed a front-end noise after I took it to a Honda dealer The noise a low hum sounds like what you hear when you run a wet...

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Jun 01, 2000

You're not overheating, probably just missing a heat shield.

Dear Car Talk

I really need help getting mechanics to take me seriously I drive a ' Honda Accord EX that runs hot It overheats In spite of having the thermostat replaced and the radiator back-flushed the engine fan still turns on almost...


Mar 01, 2000

Going through a belt every month? Check your harmonic balancer.

Dear Car Talk

My daughter's ' Ford Tempo a four-cylinder with the usual peeling paint is shredding serpentine belts I have installed four new belts in the past six months After installation the belt immediately begins to wander off the water-pump pulley At...

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Mar 01, 2000

The noise isn't a problem but that low oil pressure is. Here are three likely causes.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Pontiac Transport with a liter V- engine and only miles Ever since I got it I've noticed that once the car has been driven awhile and the engine is at operating temperature the oil-pressure gauge will...

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Jan 01, 2000

Why are you going through starters and flywheels? Shims might be the answer.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevrolet Caprice with a V- and miles At miles I started getting a grinding sound when starting the car I replaced the original starter but the problem continued At miles I replaced the flywheel The old flywheel...

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Dec 01, 1999

Can't figure out where all my antifreeze is going.

Dear Car Talk

My Chevy Lumina APV uses a lot of antifreeze but I don't know where it's going There are no puddles under the car I see no signs of wetness on the bottom of the engine or transmission I am not...

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