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why does my old honda civic lag behind other cars on hills
Nov 01, 2003

Why is my car so sluggish on the hills?

Dear Car Talk

My company recently moved and I now have to drive a hilly highway every day The drive is pleasant no traffic but my Honda Civic has a very hard time with the hills I find I have to downshift to...


what could cause a rubbing sound from the steering column
Jul 01, 2003

It sounds like doves are cooing from my dashboard. How do I diagnose this?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Oldsmobile Achieva with less than miles on it A rubbing noise that sounds like doves cooing can be heard especially at parking-lot speeds when I am turning the car It sounds like it's coming from the...

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why does my engine die on an uphill mountain grade
Jun 01, 2003

Engine dies every time it goes uphill...here are some ideas on what to check.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mustang GT with just under miles The engine runs fine on the flat desert floor but when I try to climb out of the valley the V- begins to sputter and then stops completely If it sits...

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could testing the car alternator by removing a battery cable cause electrical damage
Apr 01, 2003

Best way to safely test an alternator.

Dear Car Talk

To do a quick check on an alternator I was told that you could start the car and then remove the negative battery cable Doing this would allow you to check whether the alternator is putting out enough current to...

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Sep 01, 2002

Why does a hookup to the "diagnostic machine" cost so much?

Dear Car Talk

When my ' Mazda is acting up and I take it to my local garage which is part of a national chain they sometimes tell me it has to be put on the diagnostic machine Just putting it on the...

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Aug 01, 2002

Vibrations and poor handling are nothing to mess around with. Her are some things your mechanic can check out...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Jeep Cherokee that I bought used last year Recently it has developed a shimmy at speeds over about mph and it feels like the tires are bouncing all over the road On gentle turns it feels out...


Jun 01, 2002

Diagosing a vacuum leak isn't unlike diagnosing a heart condition, Adam.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a cardiology fellow at the University of Virginia A graduate-student friend of mine has a Ford F that he loves more than a child He also listens to his truck with deep intensity Because I am a loyal fan...

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Dec 01, 2001

What could be causing this Buick's slow morning starts?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Buick Century with more than miles that is very difficult to start but just in the morning It must be cranked several times before the car will finally start Once it has been started no problems are...


Nov 01, 2001

Faulty battery or faulty charging system?

Dear Car Talk

We have a ' GMC Yukon It has a slow electrical discharge that eventually causes the battery to go dead Then my wife finds herself stranded The battery has been replaced so that's not the problem The fuse box has...

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