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Aug 01, 2000

How fast to you have to be going for a spoiler to be of any use?

Dear Car Talk

Are spoilers anything but a way for guys to identify a car as sporty I ask because my friend a guy is convinced that they give a driver more control by forcing the back end of the car down onto...

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Jun 01, 1999

Why aren't headlights designed to shut off when you turn off the ignition?

Dear Car Talk

Can you tell me why car makers don't connect the headlight switch to the ignition switch Every morning or after a heavy rain you drive into any parking lot and see a dozen cars parked with the headlights on resulting...

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Apr 01, 1999

Why the switch from timing chains to timing belts?

Dear Car Talk

I'm old enough to remember when cars had steel timing chains instead of rubber timing belts Finding a broken timing chain was as rare as finding a chicken with teeth My question is Why did manufacturers switch over to timing...

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Nov 01, 1998

Why don't car manufacturers all put the gas filler on the same side of their cars?

Dear Car Talk

Why do some manufacturers build their cars with the gas-tank filler tube on the driver's side and some put it on the passenger side My theory was that my Subaru had the gas- tank filler on the right side because...

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Jul 01, 1998

Is the rotational speed of double overhead cams the same as a single?

Dear Car Talk

I'm hoping that you two automotive geniuses I'm not kidding can settle a bet that I have with a co-worker He maintains that the benefit of double overhead cams is that the cams can rotate at half the speed of...

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Aug 01, 1997

Do two-stroke engines still exist in cars?

Dear Car Talk

The first car I drove in was a Saab with a two-stroke slant-three engine Friends jested that this was a lawnmower engine because I had to add a quart of oil to the gas tank every time I filled it...

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May 01, 1997

Can you please explain what "overdrive" is and what purpose it serves?

Dear Car Talk

On my Camry there's a button called overdrive Can you please explain to me its functions and usage -- Mike TOM Yes Mike That's the mother-in-law ejection seat But it only works once Mike so make sure you wait until...

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Dec 01, 1994

I have a Toyota Camry with a vibration problem We...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Camry with a vibration problem We have four-cylinder automatic Camrys I have a ' my friend has a ' another friend has a ' and my daughter has a ' They all have one trait in...

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Oct 01, 1994

Who is responsible for putting the fuel pump INSIDE the fuel tank?

Dear Car Talk

Could you please print the name and photograph of the engineer or bureaucrat who is responsible for putting the fuel pump INSIDE the fuel tank I want to see what that moron looks like and I want to put a...

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Jun 01, 1994

I recently bought a Dodge Ram Van I bought the...

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Dodge Ram Van I bought the optional Magnum V so I wouldn't have to concern myself with overheating while towing my foot boat and running the air conditioning I have no problem with overheating But the...

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