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Close up of headlight on a Toyota CH-R XLE
Oct 28, 2019

20 Questionable New Car Trends

Philip Ruth

Here are 20 new-car features about which we have mixed feelings.

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1992 Buick Skylark
Sep 12, 2019

The 25 Ugliest Cars in History

Staff Blog

The 25 Ugliest Cars in History, in no particular order.


These 'Dented' Doors Do No Good
Aug 16, 2019

These 'Dented' Doors Do No Good

Dear Car Talk

Door design makes this Jeep a mud magnet

doors design Jeep Cherokee 2017

1958 Chevrolet
Jan 11, 2019

"Is That Real Wood?"

Dear Car Talk

When was a Woodie wagon made of real wood?


Why the Trend in Lookalike SUVs?
Aug 28, 2018

Why the Trend in Lookalike SUVs?

Dear Car Talk

Car styling is largely dictated by two factors.

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2019 Honda Clarity with asymmetrical wheel wells
Aug 14, 2018

Weird-Looking Japanese Cars

Jim Motavalli

Huge grilles, asymmetrical wheel openings, creases everywhere, random ducts--it's all part of cutting-edge styling from Japan.

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are today's engines really more powerful than the big engines of yesteryear
Jun 28, 2016

Newer Engines Are Packing More Ponies

Dear Car Talk

Gary asks a great question: are today's engines producing more power per liter, or have horsepower ratings changed? Ray explains how even the most mundane modern cars produce impressive power.

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What is a rising belt line
Oct 22, 2015

Today: Rising Belt Lines Explained

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk: What is a "rising belt line"? 


Car under cover
Jul 21, 2015

Wear a Tinfoil Hat? These Inconspicuous Cars Keep It on the Downlow

Craig Fitzgerald

So, you're a Doomsday prepper and you scan the skies for black helicopters like Henry Hill in Goodfellas. You need a car that's going to help you blend in with the crowd.


Sep 01, 2000

What should I study to pursue a career in the automotive industry?

Dear Car Talk

I'm very interested in automobiles I get all the magazines read them from cover to cover and of course read your column and listen to your radio show every week I'm only a junior in high school and I want...

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