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A Cloudy Windshield Often Means Bad Heater Core
Aug 29, 2017

A Cloudy Windshield Often Means Bad Heater Core

Dear Car Talk

This 2015 Yukon doesn't just defrost--it throws a filmy layer on the windshield. Is it too new to have a heater core issue? 

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will pouring hot water on the windshield to remove snow and ice crack it
Aug 18, 2016

Can Windshield Glass Withstand Hot Water?

Dear Car Talk

Mike's been using hot water to remove snow and ice from his windshield in freezing temps. Is he skating on thin ice?

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Kia Forte defroster affects the engine
Mar 05, 2015

Why Does the Defroster Make Shirley's Kia Run Rough?

Dear Car Talk

Shirley's defroster seems to make her engine run rough. Has Car Talk ever seen this before?


Is the rear defroster safe in low temperatures
Jan 01, 2011

Is it safe to use your rear defroster in temps below 0 degrees?

Dear Car Talk

I have a great, wonderful, sweet co-worker who may be as wacky as a loon. It was 0 degrees Fahrenheit last week, and she refused to use her rear defroster, claiming it would shatter her rear window. Who is wacko here...

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Decrease in MPG when using the defroster
Jun 01, 2009

How much does running the defroster cost you in MPG?

Dear Car Talk

On one of the many frigid days this past winter, my husband and I had a discussion about using (versus not using) the rear defrost in our Buick Century. He rarely uses it and tried to convince me that the...

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Apr 01, 2000

Which is a more effective defroster: recirculated air or fresh air?

Dear Car Talk

As soon as winter arrived my sweet wife and I started our yearly battle over running the defroster Do you recirculate the air within the car or allow that fresh freezing outside air to come in She claims the outside...

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Aug 01, 1996

Can I put bumberstickers on my rear window?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question about rear-window defrosters If I put some kind of window sticker over those little wires on my rear window will it do any harm to the defroster or will it melt the sticker Is it OK...

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Apr 01, 1996

Can I disconnect my rear defroster?

Dear Car Talk

My husband just bought me a ' Chevy Cavalier It has a rear defogger If I had this disconnected would it be harmful to my car in any way The reason for disconnecting it is that we live in a...


Jul 01, 1994

I have a Mustang convertible with a six cylinder engine...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mustang convertible with a six cylinder engine Everytime I turn on the defroster to clear the windshield the compressor comes on and the engine idles much faster which makes it dangerous on slick streets How do I...


Oct 01, 1993

How can I install a rear window defroster kit?

Dear Car Talk

Help You are my last resort My dear cousin gave me a defroster kit for the rear window of my two-door Ford Escort The kit is three years old now and I still haven't found a mechanic who will put...

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