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Does My GPS Need an Update?
Dec 24, 2019

Does My GPS Need an Update?

Dear Car Talk

If you want to replace the old dashboard sextant, here are some options.

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When Is It Time to Take a Car to the Dealer?
Jul 04, 2018

When Is It Time to Take a Car to the Dealer?

Dear Car Talk

This perplexing Lexus is testing the local mechanic.

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Throttle body
Nov 07, 2017

Is Mechanic's Throttle Body Recommendation Legit?

Dear Car Talk

Gary's dealer wants to service the throttle bodies on both of his Toyotas. Is it legit or b-o-o-o-o-gus?

dealers Toyota 4Runner 2007

Problematic New Car Sounds Like a Lemon
May 02, 2017

Problematic New Car Sounds Like a Lemon

Dear Car Talk

T.J.'s new car has been nothing but trouble. Should he bring it back to the shop again, or research lemon laws?

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Ending relationship with car dealer
Sep 21, 2016

Say Anything: Breaking Up with Your Car Dealer

Craig Fitzgerald

Car dealers communicate like high school boyfriends desperately trying to save a relationship.

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Advice on buying from a used car dealer
Feb 09, 2016

Man Seeks Subaru

Dear Car Talk

Jay is hoping to buy a used Subaru but the local car dealer who specializes in Subarus has made some suspicious claims. Can Jay trust him? Car Talk's advice right here.

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Vintage Volkswagen book
Oct 15, 2015

Found at a Thrift Shop: The Origins of Car Talk

Craig Fitzgerald

This past weekend, my wife Lisa hit a couple of thrift shops in suburban Boston and came home with a bunch of stuff, including this book called "Think Small, What's So Funny About a Volkswagen," and in its pages, I think I found the origins of Car Talk.

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do i really need synthetic oil in my turbo engine
Jun 05, 2012

Today: Did Craig's Nissan Dealer Bait and Switch?

Dear Car Talk

Craig's dealer offered him a lifetime of free oil changes for his new Nissan Juke. But when he showed up for the first oil change, it turned out not to be quite as "free" as advertised. How would Tom and Ray handle this slippery dealer? 


Should I get a used car inspected
Jan 01, 2011

Is it really worth the money to get a used car inspected?

Dear Car Talk

I love your show and column, and am a longtime listener and reader. After all these years, I finally have a question for you. I know you guys recommend having a used car inspected by a trusted mechanic prior to...

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Dec 01, 2009

Should Rachel pass on that new Mazda 3, after the dealership snafu?

Dear Car Talk

Last week I bought a used 2007 Mazda 3 with 43,000 miles for 10,800 dollars at a dealership. I went through the financing process, signed the final purchase papers and called my insurance company to transfer my plates. As I hung up the phone...

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