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Jan 01, 1996

Is it true you get better gas mileage using cruise control? Why?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a ' Ford Probe Cars certainly have come a long way since I last bought one years ago I'm new to cruise control but it didn't take very long to be sold on it However I have...

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Jun 01, 1994

Like a lot of cars these days mine is equipped...

Dear Car Talk

Like a lot of cars these days mine is equipped with cruise control I use it a lot on the highway My question is when I hit the brakes and slow down while using cruise control is it better in...

cruise control driving tips

Mar 01, 1993

Why the extra on-off button on cruise control?

Dear Car Talk

Why does cruise control have an extra on-off button on the dash Is there any damage caused by leaving that switch on all the time and using the switch on the stalk to turn the cruise on and off Tony...

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