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Oct 01, 2002

Aftermarket cruise control responsible for unintended acceleration?

Dear Car Talk

Help I bought a Toyota Echo drove it three weeks and it nearly killed me Twice The car suddenly accelerated in heavy traffic The brake had no effect -- it did not slow or stop the car I threw it...

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Apr 01, 2002

Tom and Ray retract: some cruise control systems DO have the ability to slow a car going down hills.

Dear Car Talk

Usually your advice and comments are not only scintillating but also accurate Alas I am forced to come to the defense of the poor father-in-law you wrote about a few weeks ago He wanted to know if his cruise control...

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Feb 01, 2002

Can cruise control help control your speed going downhill?

Dear Car Talk

My father-in-law owns a Ford Taurus SE He has owned several Tauruses and Sables in the past years and he insists that the cruise control will hold his speed down when descending a hill I own a Taurus and told...

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Jan 01, 2001

How accurate is cruise control?

Dear Car Talk

How accurate is cruise control I'm a state trooper and I catch a number of people speeding who say that they couldn't have been going that fast because they had their cruise control set at How accurate are these things...

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Oct 01, 2000

Cruise control shuts off below 25 mph -- can I change that?

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Toyota Tundra I am very disappointed in the cruise control After buying it I found that if you allow the speed to drop below mph the cruise control shuts off and you have to reset the...

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Jul 01, 1999

Cruise control for short distance driving.

Dear Car Talk

A dumb question from a not-so-dumb person Am I doing any harm to my cruise- control system by using cruise control for short distances of less than a mile in city driving -- Adell TOM This isn't really a mechanical...

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Nov 01, 1998

What happens if you shift from "drive" to "neutral" while in cruise control?

Dear Car Talk

What would happen if you suddenly thrust your shifter from Drive to Neutral while the car is on cruise control Does it screw up the transmission at all I want to try it but I am scared that it will...

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Apr 01, 1998

What's your take on cruise control for short distances?

Dear Car Talk

My fiance and I have been arguing about of all things cruise control He loves to use the cruise control for even short distances three or four miles is fine with him I told him this is not good for...

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Jul 01, 1997

My car doesn't have cruise control...but it acts like it does.

Dear Car Talk

I've been driving my standard-transmission ' Ford Escort for miles and just discovered it has a feature I don't want virtual cruise control It doesn't have cruise control but it sometimes acts like it does Sometimes when I take my...

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May 01, 1996

Using cruise control for around town?

Dear Car Talk

My question is about speed control I use mine for just that to avoid getting speeding tickets I use my speed control in speed-limited areas like when I have to drive or mph Will my cruise-control switch wear out Should...

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