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Using Cruise Control on Downgrades Won't Harm Your Engine
May 23, 2017

Using Cruise Control on Downgrades Won't Harm Your Engine

Dear Car Talk

Doug uses cruise control to slow his roll on descents. How does this affect his drivetrain?

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is using the pedal or cruise control to accelerate more fuel-efficient
Mar 03, 2016

Cruise Control Questions: What's the Best Way to Resume Speed?

Dear Car Talk

Richard notices that when he hits the "resume" on cruise control, it accelerates much faster than he would if he were accelerating manually. Is this good for his fuel economy? 

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Can you boost radio reception in a car
Sep 09, 2014

Did Radio Kill the Cruise Control?

Dear Car Talk

Connie drives in the mountains and discovered that when she hits the brakes, her radio reception improves. It also flashes the brake lights and disengages the cruise control. Are these things at all related? And can she fix anything under the hood to boost reception? Baseball games are riding on Tom and Ray's answer. 

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Can cruise control be used when towing
Mar 13, 2014

Okay to Use Cruise Control While Towing?

Dear Car Talk

Russell uses his 2009 GMC Sierra to tow a 6500 pound trailer. His friends all say he's crazy to use the cruise control with something in tow but he can't find any cautions against this in the owner's manual. Tom and Ray say he should be fine as long as the area isn't hilly. Read their full recommendation (and find out why this includes doubling up on the Depends) right here. 

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is there a problem with using cruise control all the time
Apr 11, 2013

Will Cruise-Control Come Between Happy Couple?

Dear Car Talk

Sara loves her cruise control, but her fiance thinks she uses it way too often. He worriest that overuse will wear out the car. Tom and Ray say that's nuts. Read here for their explanation of how cruise control works, and find out whether they think Sara should call off the engagement. 

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is it ok to leave the cruise control on all the time
Nov 15, 2012

Lana's Cruise Control Conflict

Dear Car Talk

Another couple seeks the marriage counselling services of Tom and Ray. Lana and her husband disagree about the proper use of the cruise control. Can Tom and Ray settle this dispute amicably?

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Jul 01, 2007

Should cruise be on, when Joyce's 16-year-old is doing 70 mph on a rainy night?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I are the proud parents of a 16-year-old boy. Yes, he does have his driver's license. Oh my! While he was driving 70 mph on the interstate on a rainy night, he had a hard time hearing my...

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is cruise control more or less fuel efficient than regular driving
Dec 01, 2006

Does using cruise control really help you save gas? Tom and Ray settle a bet.

Dear Car Talk

My gentleman friend and I have a steak dinner bet riding on your answer to this question. I say using the cruise control on our highway trips saves gas. It saves gas because I am not bopping between different speeds...

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is it possible to wear out the cruise control
Nov 01, 2003

Should I use cruise control all the time to improve gas mileage?

Dear Car Talk

I have a new Acura MDX with a display that shows the average mileage I get per gallon The computer can evidently drive the car more efficiently than I can because I get the best mileage when using cruise control...

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