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Can a Prius downshift
Mar 30, 2012

How To Downshift In a Prius

Dear Car Talk

Susan rented a Prius for vacation but never figured out how to shift into lower gear. And, the brakes didn't overheat, even when she took it down some steep, mountain roads. Can Tom and Ray explain why?

continuously variable transmissions Toyota Prius

advice about buying a car with a continuously variable transmission
Nov 01, 2004

Continuously variable transmissions (CVT).

Dear Car Talk

What is CVT or continuously variable transmission I am thinking about getting a new car and I am looking at the Mini Cooper But I only know how to drive an automatic and I can't find anyone who will teach...

continuously variable transmissions

are cars with cvt transmissions ready for prime time
Apr 01, 2003

What do you think about continuously variable transmissions?

Dear Car Talk

I have seen a few cars offered with Continuously Variable Transmissions The Nissan Murano offers one as does the Saturn VUE This is an interesting concept to me It offers an infinite number of gears the lure of optimal gas...

continuously variable transmissions