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Car's Computer Thinks Mom's a Thief
Mar 19, 2019

Car's Computer Thinks Mom's a Thief

Dear Car Talk

How can Mom reintroduce herself to her car?

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what good does reflashing a car's computer do
Dec 06, 2012

Does Computer Re-Flashing Really Do Anything?

Dear Car Talk

Dan's local auto repair shop has offered to "re-flash" his car's computer. Leaving aside the scandalous name, is this a valuable service? Find out what Tom and Ray have to say on the subject of flashing, right here.


can you replace your car computer with one from the junkyard
Sep 06, 2012

Junkyard Computers and Mike's Mitsubishi

Dear Car Talk

Mike's mechanic says his daughter will have to get a brand-new computer to fix the electrical problems on her 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. But Tom and Ray think getting a new computer for an old car makes no sense. Find out what they recommend.


Apr 01, 2001

Microsoft Windows for automobiles? We're not a fan of the idea.

Dear Car Talk

I just heard on the news that Microsoft has announced a special version of Windows for automotive application It sounds like my future cars will have computer-Internet interfaces hard-wired as standard equipment I generally keep my cars for eight to...

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Aug 01, 2000

Can you recommend any older cars that AREN'T computerized that I can repair myself?

Dear Car Talk

I'm getting tired of all this computer stuff in cars My mother recently had a problem with the computer in her ' Camry and it shut down the whole car I used to be able to do my own repairs...

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May 01, 2000

Does an engine have to be manually reprogrammed after installing a new battery?

Dear Car Talk

We have purchased a Buick Regal that has a dead battery It had been sitting for about six months We jumped it and drove it to an auto shop to have it checked out It was otherwise fine The auto-shop...

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May 01, 1999

Should we be worried about Y2K?

Dear Car Talk

Regarding Y K what problems can we anticipate with current models What about older cars -- Tony TOM As far as we know there's absolutely nothing to worry about Of course I'm spending the fall getting my Schwinn tuned up...


Oct 01, 1998

Can a PROM chip help boost horsepower in my slightly gutless Explorer?

Dear Car Talk

I am the proud owner of a Ford Expedition Although I know you guys think it's too big and a gas guzzler I like it The only problem is that I wish I had gotten the liter engine instead of...

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Mar 01, 1997

When I stop at a red light and am using headlights, wipers and AC, my car shakes like it's going to break apart.

Dear Car Talk

We have a Corsica four-cylinder with miles When I use the headlights windshield wipers and air conditioning and then stop for a red light the car feels like it's going to shake to pieces I can stop the vibration by...

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