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Honda Civic AC blows hot air
Apr 10, 2014

Dealer vs. Independent Mechanic: AC Trouble

Dear Car Talk

Steve's Honda Civic needs some work done to his AC. The Honda dealer said the compressor is shot, but Steve's local mechanic thought it might just be some faulty sensors. Find out who Tom and Ray think is right, plus how Steve can find out, right here.

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Apr 01, 1995

Please answer my letter or my wife is going to...

Dear Car Talk

Please answer my letter or my wife is going to make me start sleeping in her Chevy Astro Van While sleeping in it might be a welcome change on some nights she snores you have to understand that we live...

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Jul 01, 1993

That liquid spraying from your AC isn't freon, it's oil from the compressor.

Dear Car Talk

Two summers ago in my VW Jetta I noticed that a brown spray appeared on the underside of the hood above the AC unit Last summer the AC went dead and I had a mechanic look at it He said...

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