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Nov 01, 2008

Does a car ever really need to be washed?

Dear Car Talk

My husband is completely opposed to ever washing our car. I'm not sure why. It's a 1996 Camry, and it's been washed about three times in its life. I wouldn't care so much about the shame of riding around in the...


Nov 01, 2008

How can Jill get one very stubborn stink out of her '87 XJ6 Jaguar?

Dear Car Talk

I was given a 1987 XJ6 Jag. She's one fine-looking lady. But she smells. I recently spent $1,100 of my government stimulus check having the car completely cleaned on the inside. My mechanic (a very honest, small-town guy) took out all the...

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May 01, 2008

When you're repairing a car, do the parts need to be clean?

Dear Car Talk

My husband is an excellent mechanic and can put together just about any vehicle made. Trouble is, he never cleans any of the parts off before he puts them back in. It is MY opinion that putting in dirty parts...

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Feb 01, 2008

What would you do, if you saw your mechanic spray oil over your car's engine?

Dear Car Talk

I went to one of those 10-minute-oil-change places, and I got out of my vehicle to watch the employee work on my car. He began pumping oil into my engine from one of the overhead hoses, and while he pumped...

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what to do to get rid of a terrible vomit-like smell in my car
Oct 01, 2007

How can Linda get the putrid stink out of her daughter's car?

Dear Car Talk

When my daughter arrived home from college, she came home with a terrible odor in her car. She said that the week before school was out, she went to class and when she came out and got into her car...

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please help me get rid of the horrible sour milk smell in my car
Oct 01, 2007

Crying over spilt milk? Robert is! Hear his automotive-dairy saga-- and Tom and Ray's answer.

Dear Car Talk

Hi. I have a Volvo station wagon, and last week I spilled about a half-gallon of milk in the back. The back seats were folded down because I had my dogs in the car. When I went to clean up...

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best way to clean air conditioning ducts in my car
Sep 01, 2007

Today's class: ridding your car's air-conditioning ducts of dubious odors.

Dear Car Talk

How do you clean the air-conditioning ducts in your car? Thank you....

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Jun 01, 2007

Is there a reason why Sally should splurge on the high end interior/exterior coating for her new Honda? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I purchased a Honda Odyssey today, and the dealer tried to sell me a 1,200-dollar protective interior/exterior coating. I said no, but he said he would honor the offer till Monday. Should I buy this, or is it just...

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Mar 01, 2007

Tom and Ray go car shopping with Anne, in search of car that's right for rural land appraising. And her dogs. Oh, and the clients, too.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a rural land appraiser in Colorado. I often bring my dogs along when inspecting land. I need a vehicle that will accommodate the dogs and take me off-road; however, I'd like to be able to hose out the dog...

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is a clean car more aerodynamic than a dirty car
Aug 01, 2006

Today: will a clean car actually get better mileage?

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine says I am wrong, and I was hoping you would have the answer. Whenever I go on a long trip, I always wash and wax the car before I start, and as the bugs collect, I...

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