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Daniel Pinkwater father
Jun 14, 2013

It's a Doozy!

Guest Bloggers

How Daniel Pinkwater's dad came to America, gave up crime, was given an amazing car - and cracked it up on the Lower East Side.

classic cars

should i take a road trip in an old classic car
Nov 19, 2012

Today: Should Threat of Breakdown Stop Trip?

Dear Car Talk

Zach's dad wants to take the boys on a road trip in his vintage Studebaker, but their mom worries that they'll break down. Tom and Ray say, mom's right, but they should take the trip anyway! Can they help Zach can convince his mom that breaking down is part of the adventure?

road trips classic cars

is there a newer car that isn't completely computer based
Oct 16, 2012

Today: Longing for a Simpler Time, With Simpler Cars

Dear Car Talk

Malia is shopping for a new car but is intimidated by all the computerized parts. She wants a car she can understand, but Tom and Ray say that's the price we pay for better, more reliable cars. Can they convince her to embrace the improvements and live in the now? 

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Lotus Cortina Mark I
Jul 19, 2012

It Helps to Know Someone in the Business

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

How did Jamie Kitman come to own Colin Chapman's very own '69 Ford Cortina Lotus Mark II? Read on! 

classic cars Ford Cortina Lotus Mark II Lotus 1969

perfect gift for someone with a vw bus
May 31, 2012

Birthday Gifts for the VWBus-Obsessed

Dear Car Talk

Carlin needs Tom and Ray's help choosing a gift for her boyfriend who will turn 40 this year. The birthday boy has a '71 VW Bus that needs repair and she wants to give something that will help with that project. Can Tom and Ray think of the perfect present?

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Tips for classic car buyers
Apr 04, 2012

So You Want to Buy an Old Car? (I Know I Do)

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Being too busy to write the book, The Sixteen Essential Habits of Old Car Whoredom, I offer here as many tips for buying old cars. Don’t bother sending me your thanks...checks and wire transfers will do nicely.

buying classic cars

Oct 28, 2011

The Big Dog Garage: Inside Jay Leno's Car Collection

Jim Motavalli

There is no more committed "car guy" than Jay Leno, and I was able to stop by the garage for an interview about my new book--and tour the most eclectic, mouth-watering auto assemblage I've ever seen.

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Ford Anglia
Aug 04, 2011

The Sorcerer’s Failed Apprentice

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Guess who's getting on a Pittsburgh-bound plane to both root for his beloved Pirates, and pick up a Ford Anglia for a 400 mile drive home to New York? By the time you read this, I may well have broken down a dozen times or more in what may be one of the slowest, least capable cars known to man.

classic cars Ford Anglia

Aug 23, 2010

Whoppers: The Cars That Got Away

Jim Motavalli

We've all got regrets, and some of them involve the cars we didn't buy. They seemed expensive at the time, or weren't running, or our parents said no. And they're all worth kazillions now. Send me your sob stories, too.

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Can old cars be dependable
Aug 01, 2010

Is a dream car from high school a good idea today?

Dear Car Talk

I graduated from high school in 1963, and my dream car was the 1963 Studebaker Avanti. Well, life got in the way, and I never realized my dream of owning an Avanti. I recently have been going on eBay to find Avantis...

classic cars used cars Studebaker Avanti 1963