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Dec 01, 1999

Finally - a carburetor question!

Dear Car Talk

I have a El Camino with a engine and a four-barrel carburetor This car takes about to miles to warm up and run smoothly although the heater starts working much quicker than that When I try to accelerate before the...

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Jul 01, 1998

Gas is getting into the oil pan.

Dear Car Talk

I have been working on a feed truck for some time The gas is getting into the oil pan I put on a new carburetor and that didn't stop it I put on a new fuel pump and that didn't...

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Apr 01, 1998

Could a bad distributor cause gas to show up in my oil?

Dear Car Talk

I have gas in the oil of my Olds Cutlass Is it possible that a bad distributor is causing this -- Greg RAY Is it possible that space aliens were responsible for the Iran-Contra affair Sure But it's not very...

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Jun 01, 1996

An unconventional fix for a well known issue with the factory sealed choke of Plymouth Voyager minivans.

Dear Car Talk

We own a Plymouth Voyager minivan and have been extremely happy with it except for the cold start system When the engine and weather are cold the exhaust is a deep black color We were told this is a common...

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