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could we have detected the problem that caused our muffler to explode
Sep 01, 2006

Just What Would Cause Angela's Muffler to Explode?

Dear Car Talk

What would cause a muffler to explode? We just had work done on our '93 Saab 900S. It was running very sluggish up hills, and diagnostics showed several leaks in the exhaust pipes leading out of the catalytic converter. After...

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why am i getting better mileage without my catalytic converter
Feb 01, 2005

Can my Geo Metro get by without a catalytic converter...and a muffler?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Geo Metro with a -liter engine and a five-speed transmission I recently took my car four-wheeling and broke a few things OK OK I broke a lot of things -- the catalytic converter being one of...

catalytic converters mufflers

Sep 01, 1999

Can you think of any reason why a catalytic converter would catch fire while driving?

Dear Car Talk

Can you think of any reason why a catalytic converter would catch fire while driving -- Sharon TOM No RAY I've certainly never seen it happen And I've had cars come into the shop with converters that were absolutely glowing...

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Jul 01, 1999

How hot can a catalytic converter get before it causes damage?

Dear Car Talk

I have an exhaust question for you How hot can a catalytic converter get before there is damage The reason I'm asking is because a local muffler shop demonstrated with some sort of heat-detection device that while my engine was...

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Apr 01, 1996

Sluggish starts? Check these three things.

Dear Car Talk

My Renault Alliance -liter has more power in Reverse than in Drive What can I do to stop the sluggishness when starting from a stopped position -- Ariel RAY The truth is most cars feel zippy in Reverse because the...

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Jul 01, 1994

I own a Chevrolet Camaro My wife recently used the...

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chevrolet Camaro My wife recently used the car to drop off newspapers at the local recycling center While she was dumping the old newspapers one of her plastic grocery bags blew under the car and immediately stuck...

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Feb 01, 1993

What could cause a catalytic converter to clog?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Thunderbird with approximately miles on it I was driving on the expressway going about mph when I pressed on the gas pedal and lost power I had the car towed and my mechanic told me I needed...

catalytic converters

Jan 01, 1992

Will a car run "better" without a catalytic converter or muffler?

Dear Car Talk

Forgive me for asking a purely theoretical question but I need to win a bet Will a current model American car run better without a catalytic converter or without a muffler Please understand I have no intention of removing these...

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Jan 01, 1992

Federal law restricts re-attaching a converter to a car.

Dear Car Talk

The muffler and catalytic converter on my Oldsmobile fell off due to a faulty clamp I took the car to a Midas shop where the muffler was previously installed The manager told me he couldn't re-attach the converter even though...

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Jul 01, 1991

Is it safe to remove the "heat shield"?

Dear Car Talk

I hope you can advise this year old widow with a car problem I own a Ford Tempo Last year I had the whole exhaust system replaced A few months later I noticed a buzzing sound coming from under the...

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