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What's up with This Testy Fiesta?
Jul 19, 2018

What's up with This Testy Fiesta?

Dear Car Talk

A plugged-up catalytic converter is unlikely to cause permanent damage

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Can 'Limp Home Mode' Happen at Home?
Dec 21, 2017

Can 'Limp Home Mode' Happen at Home?

Dear Car Talk

A Saturn's limited rpm after starting may be a sensor issue.

catalytic converters sensors Saturn Outlook 2008

Do Check Engine Lights Ever Turn off by Themselves?
Apr 11, 2017

Do Check Engine Lights Ever Turn off by Themselves?

Dear Car Talk

Russell's RAV4 has a check engine light and mechanic telling him repairs are needed. But which one should he believe when the light occasionally turns off?

catalytic converters sensors check engine light Toyota RAV4 2002

Toyota Tacoma SR5 has bad catalytic converter
Feb 16, 2016

Which Catalytic Converter is Broken on Ben's Tacoma?

Dear Car Talk

Ben is a broke college student and he's just learned that the catalytic converter on his Toyota Tacoma is bad. His dealer and a second mechanic agree that he can ignore it until he starts experiencing performance issues. The Car Talk Department of Automotive Ethics weighs in!

catalytic converters ethics Toyota Tacoma

Can you reuse a catalytic converter
Dec 10, 2015

Can an Old Catalytic Converter Be Cleaned?

Dear Car Talk

Norm wants to know if he can clean up his old catalytic converter and put it back in his car. Car Talk explains how catalytic converters are recycled, here.

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Saturn L100 fails smog test
Feb 26, 2015

Why Won't Car Pass Inspection?

Dear Car Talk

Nadine's son's car won't pass the smog inspection until he gets a new catalytic converter. Car Talk thinks someone pulled a fast one on him when he bought the car. 

catalytic converters scams

Dakota truck won't start when it's damp
Mar 24, 2014

Today: Truck Won't Start on Damp Days

Dear Car Talk

Bob had a water pump failure on his 2001 Dakota and ever since, the truck won't start on damp days. Tom and Ray say he can solve his problem, easy! Just move to a drier climate. Death Valley perhaps? Read the rest of their advice, right here.

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Honda Odyssey becomes hot after driven on highway
Jan 14, 2014

Today: No Fire, No Problem?

Dear Car Talk

After two hours on the highway, the floor and underside of the middle seat are hot to the touch in Beth's Honda Odyssey. Her mechanic says as long as nothing is glowing there's no problem. Tom and Ray disagree and think Beth's right to be worried. Read their theories on what's going on, right here.

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should I replace my catalytic converter or just sell the car
Apr 19, 2012

Patrick's Audi Failed Inspection: Should He Sell?

Dear Car Talk

Patrick's 2001 Audi needs a new catalytic converter but the cost of the repair nearly equals the value of the car. Tom and Ray think it might be worth it to fix the car in this case. Find out why right here.

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