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do i have to replace a whole door panel to repair one small scratch on my mother's car
Sep 01, 2005

I banged up my mom's brand new Jeep. Can I repair the damage without replacing an entire panel?

Dear Car Talk

I'm 17 and have been listening to your radio show with my dad for as long as I can remember. I got in my first car accident four days ago ... with our garage. I was coming home late at night and...

body damage

is 1600 dollars a lot ot pay for auto body work after i tried to fix it myself first
Feb 01, 2004

Minor body damage: to fix, or not to fix?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru Forester that I love About nine months ago I pulled out of an awkward parking space and managed to ding up the driver's side toward the back Thinking it wasn't too bad I ordered the Ding...

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how much does a bullet hole in a car door lower the value of the vehicle
Jul 01, 2003

How much to fix the bullet hole in my car?

Dear Car Talk

I live in Los Angeles I have a ' Honda Civic Del Sol with miles Last week when I was driving home from work at mph on the southbound freeway someone in a passing car on my left or someone...

body damage

May 01, 2000

What should I do about the bullet holes in my Caddy?

Dear Car Talk

Gentlemen if I may use the term I have a Cadillac DeVille convertible that I won from a local radio station awhile ago I'm in the process of redoing it My problem is this The car originally came from the...

body damage

Feb 01, 2000

How can I touch up the scratches on my new car's paint job and make it look professionally done?

Dear Car Talk

I have a brand-new Mazda which my daughter and I have managed to scratch At the -mile service the dealer wanted to fix the scratches I opted for the bottle of touch-up paint The mechanic told me that the appearance...

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Sep 01, 1999

Any suggestions for fixing rust, short of a visit to the body shop?

Dear Car Talk

My car has spots of rust Please teach me the best way to treat it I've retouched it but it continues to spread A friend told me to sand off the rust and then retouch it I think that only...

rust repairs DIY body damage

Apr 01, 1999

Should I go with the body repair shops that want to replace my roof or the one who wants to try and repair it?

Dear Car Talk

I sent my Grand Voyager to a service center for a oil and filter change They later phoned me up to advise me that my vehicle was ready and that there had been an incident whereby a dent had been...

body damage

Oct 01, 1997

How important to a car's health is body damage repair?

Dear Car Talk

My wife has the unfortunate habit of sideswiping our house with our ' Dodge Caravan The first time she did it we took it to the body shop to have the dented plastic side piece replaced and various scratches repaired...

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Apr 01, 1996

Rocker panels falling off Camrys due to design flaw. Is Toyota responsible?

Dear Car Talk

The rocker panel covers fell off my ' Camry and cost to replace Each black strip which runs between the wheel wells is a thin membrane of rubber around a piece of ungalvanized steel When the supporting strip rusts to...

body damage warranties liability Toyota Camry

Sep 01, 1994

I have a Toyota white white Camry station wagon While...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota white white Camry station wagon While parked in one of those notorious shopping centers on returning to our car we noticed a scratch on our right rear bumper No breakage on the bumper just an ugly...

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