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why does hitting the blower motor on my AC fix it when it's stuck
Oct 06, 2016

This 4Runner's Blower Motor is a Whack Job

Dear Car Talk

Dale's Toyota 4Runner has a blower that sometimes needs a solid whack to get working. Should he replace it, or just smack it a while longer?

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Air vents emit smoke
Nov 24, 2011

Today: The Case of the Disappearing Fire

Dear Car Talk

Driving down the road in my '89 Nissan pickup, I smelled smoke. I assumed it was outside and rolled up the driver's-side window and turned off the fan. Immediately, smoke came out of the heater vents. What's going on?

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Mar 01, 2002

What killed my battery if all my "accesories" were turned off?

Dear Car Talk

I accidentally left my key in the accessory position over the weekend On Monday morning I had a dead battery I was surprised since the car is new Nothing in the car was turned on Where did all my little...

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Jul 01, 1997

Help! My dashboard sounds like it's gurgling.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Toyota truck that makes a wild loud gurgling sound whenever I turn on the heater There's plenty of water in the radiator The heat seems to work fine but this weird noise comes out from the...

blower motors heating noises

Sep 01, 1995

My Volvo starts to smell after ten minutes of driving. Help!

Dear Car Talk

I have an Volvo DL and every time I drive it for more than minutes I get this acrid smell that makes me think the insulation is being burned off a wire What would be your guess as to the...

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Feb 01, 1995

Does my AC need a new blower motor or just a new switch?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chevrolet Celebrity with miles on it I pulled into my driveway one day last summer when the temperature was very hot about degrees I had just driven about six miles everything seemed normal and the air conditioner...

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Jan 01, 1993

Why are blower motors "factory sealed"?

Dear Car Talk

What is meant by a factory sealed heater motor My problem started in December when I heard noises from the heater I was told by my gas station that it was the heater motor but that it is factory sealed...

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