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Jan 01, 2011

About Jamie Kitman

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jamie Kitman’s personality was evidently arrested at the age of 12, for though he was trained as a lawyer (and remains a member of the New York and New Jersey bars), he earns his living writing about cars and managing the careers of rock musicians.


Mar 29, 2010

At Car Talk Plaza, a New Blogger

Jim Motavalli

This is my very first post as a blogger at Car Talk! Check this space to see how long I last. It has been a twisted road from my first car writing as an ink-stained wretch, and here's the short version of my checkered career. Can I use the word "career" around Tom and Ray?


Mar 02, 2010

About Jim

Jim Motavalli

A regular contributor to the New York Times, Jim's focus is the green car revolution ... though he loves the occasional offbeat auto story.